Orlando’s reputation as the theme park capital of the world means that millions of visitors come here every year for their Disney vacations. Today, Orlando vacation home rentals rank as the best option for lodging in Orlando at Christmas. Compared to Orlando hotels, travelers are looking to enjoy Central Florida amenities at home that provide the comfort and privacy they need. Here are the top 5 reasons guests choose our vacation homes over hotels for Christmas:

Multiple Homes in Same Resort

The most common reason guests choose Orlando vacation rentals is simple: space. In fact, having multiple homes in the same resort is one reason to choose Orlando vacation rentals. In addition to the bedrooms and bathrooms, Orlando vacation rentals offer the added feature of a common area of ​​the house, where groups gather to socialize, seek privacy at work, or simply enjoy a well-earned rest.

Extra Amenities

A home with a washer and dryer reduces the amount of clothes you need to pack for your vacation. This will save you money on luggage fees at the airports that keep increasing each year. An Orlando vacation rental can offer you and your loved ones a more comfortable and enjoyable stay when you visit SeaWorld Orlando.

Private Space

For those who want to have their own space. Irritants like maids coming and going, thin walls, elevator noise, and air conditioning, crowded pools don’t apply to most vacation rentals. Orlando vacation rentals give you the privacy you need and the features you want when you want them. You can feel right at home when you visit Universal Studios Orlando.

Fully equipped kitchen

When you rent a vacation home, you have access to a fully equipped kitchen so you don’t always have to go to the restaurant or call room service when you want to eat. The kitchen is one of the most valuable services because it allows guests to prepare lunch and dinner instead of having to eat in a restaurant for every meal. This option not only saves money but is also very useful when traveling with children because you can make sure that they eat what you prepare and therefore they will not have any problems with unknown gastronomy or missing ingredients.

Home Away From Home

Some guests have a hard time during the holidays keep a certain routine when staying in a hotel. If they are in a vacation home near Disney World, they are just within 15 minutes from Disney. After a long day, you want to be close so you can get the kids to bed. Staying in a home allows you to settle into your vacation easier and keep the kids from being overwhelmed with such a drastic change. Plus it makes it easier to explain how Santa can get into a home versus a hotel!

If you have not visited Orlando for Christmas, your family is missing out on some of the most magical events of the year. Visiting the theme parks over the holidays will bring everlasting memories that they will never forget.