Finding the best deal on your next vacation starts with finding the best deal on accommodations. While the specifics of your options will vary based on where you want to stay and the needs you have, the following article will give you some ideas on how hotels and vacation home rentals compare, side by side.

Comparing the average space in a hotel vs. vacation home rental

The average square footage in a hotel room is 400 square feet. This may be enough for two people, but it can be tight for larger families. On the other hand, renting a vacation home gives you an average of 2000 square feet. It’s easy to see that vacation homes are the clear winner – but as much as 5x the room!

orlando vacation home rental

Pricing the accommodations

One of the biggest factors that keeps people from really considering vacation homes is the cost. They assume they’re much more expensive – especially since they have so much room. However, the national averages show that hotel rooms are about $118 per night. What’s the average of a 1,300+ square foot condo that can sleep up to six? Just $99! Once again, these numbers vary based on location but you can rent an Orlando vacation home starting at just $99. That’s quite the deal indeed!

Meals: where will you spend more?

Vacation homes have full kitchens, which mean you can cook all or some of your meals yourself. Obviously this will save money, but you may be surprised to crunch the numbers and see just how much you can save. Consider that vacationers spend an average of $30 per person, per day on meals. For a family of 4 that’s $120. For a week’s stay that’s almost $1,000! Those who stay in vacation homes can stop by the local market, pick up fresh, affordable ingredients, and feed the entire family for a fraction of that price.

kitchen in orlando vacation home

Money laundering can play a big role

Depending on how long your trip is, the age of your kids, and other factors, doing laundry may be a necessity. Vacation homes typically have washers and dryers in them, and it’s free to use them. On the other hand, visiting laundry facilities at your hotel will take time out of your vacation and can cost as much as $6 per load. The cost of laundry can add up – especially when it’s time you could have spent by the pool!

The verdict is clear: vacation homes aren’t just more comfortable and convenient – they’re also more affordable! With up to 8-bedrooms, great locations, plenty of amenities (like private pools) there’s no reason to stay in an overpriced hotel room again.