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Universal Studios for Guests with Wheelchairs

Is there Handicapped Parking at Universal Studios?

There is Handicapped Parking near the park entrance and it is available for guests with a Disabled Parking Permit.

Can I rent a wheelchair at Universal Studios?

Limited quantities of wheelchair and Electric Convenience Vehicles (ECV’s) are available for rental on a first-come, first-serve basis.  The rental location for wheelchairs is located in the Parking and Transportation Center.  A $50 deposit is required in addition to the rental fee.  ECV rentals are available inside the main entrance at the stroller rental location.

universal studios wheelchair guide

How will I see the shows?

All of the theaters and outdoor shows have accessible seating for guests using wheelchairs.

Are the restrooms wheelchair accessible?

All restrooms within Universal are wheelchair accessible.  Companion restrooms are located at both Guest Services in the Port of Entry and the First Aid Station.

How can I use my wheelchair in the gift shops?

All gift shops are ADA compliant and guests in wheelchairs my visit any gift shop at Universal Studios.

What about the restaurants?

All dining facilities at Universal Studios are wheelchair accessible.

Can I ride the rides with my wheelchair?

Wheelchairs are permitted on many of the rides at Universal Studios.  Some rides require guests in ECV’s to transfer to a wheelchair provided at the ride boarding area.  Other rides require guests to transfer from a wheelchair or ECV to the ride vehicle.

How will I wait in the lines?

Most of the rides at Universal Studios are wheelchair accessible through the Main Entrance.

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What if I plan on going to Islands of Adventure?

If your are going to Universal Studios and you would also like to go to Islands of Adventure, please read Islands of Adventure for Guests with Wheelchairs.