Like all of the major Orlando theme parks, Universal is set up to accommodate guests with a wide range of disabilities or special needs. Whether you have a temporary need for a wheelchair or a regular need for vision or hearing assistance, you can enjoy just about everything that Universal has to offer.

Start your day at Universal Orlando by visiting Guest Services, which is located just inside the main gate. Pick up a free copy of the park’s guide for guests with special needs, entitled Rider’s Guide for Rider Safety and Guests with Disabilities and use it as you tour the park.

In general, Universal offers the following to help you navigate and enjoy the park:

  • Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD)
  • Standard and electric wheelchair rental (prices vary)
  • Wheelchairs are permitted in all but one of the line queues,and a standard wheelchair may be used on some rides. Other rides require the rider to transfer from the wheelchair to a standard seat.
  • Live interpreters (make an appointment in advance a week or two before your trip)
  • Service animals are permitted anywhere in the park, including line queues, though the animal may not be able to ride some attractions for safety reasons. Owners are given information to make the best choices for their particular service animal and rides.
  • Prosthetic limbs can be worn on most rides and attractions, but should be removed and secured for a few more vigorous rides like the Dragon Challenge (complete list is in the park’s disability guide)
  • Portable oxygen tanks are permitted in the park, but may be prohibited on select attractions for safety reasons.