There are plenty of places a person could visit in the U.S. without having access to many activities appropriate for those with special needs. One of the great things about visiting the Orlando area is that there are tons of adventures to be had, no matter what your special needs are. Check out these unique ideas to make your next vacation to Orlando a truly memorable one.

tranquil adventures special needs fishingTranquil Adventures

If your group would like to take advantage of a chartered fishing excursion, or an eco-tour, then Tranquil Adventures is an excellent choice. From snorkeling among fish, to kayaking, to simply relaxing, owner and Captain Michael Nealy goes the extra mile to make sure it can happen. His 28-foot pontoon boat has a special lift and he is well versed in trying to accommodate all special requests.

His goal is to customize each trip for every family or individual because he understands that everyone has different abilities. This passion comes from his own bout with Polio at the age of 2, which has given him his own mobility challenges. He has special fly fishing rods for those with limited use of their arms, knows which spots to explore to stick to calm water, and is dedicated to making every excursion unique, fun, and exciting.

Island Dolphin Care

Specifically designed for special needs kids and wounded veterans, there are a number of options available at Island Dolphin Care. From half-day education-focused tours to 5-day camps, all activities are designed to assist children, adults, and families with either developmental or physical disabilities handle the emotional challenge and illnesses. Families can find solace via interaction with dolphins, who are known for their intelligence and their gentle nature.

island dolphin care orlando

The Kennedy Space Center

Many people don’t realize just how accommodating the Kennedy Space Center is. There are actually numerous services and experiences specially geared toward those using wheelchairs, or those with sight or hearing impairment. For example, the IMAX Theater has a wheelchair lift for the upper levels, so those in chairs are not regulated to the bottom floors. Ushers have both closed captioning reflective panels and descriptive audio devices as well. Call ahead of time and you can even request an American Sign Language interpreter for the tours.

One of the most popular experiences at the Kennedy Space Center is the Shuttle Launce Experience. This ride includes a pivoting grab bar that makes it possible for guests in wheelchairs to transfer right to a harnessed seat that includes an extended seat pan. Then there’s the observation room, which allows those who don’t want to ride, or can’t ride for any reason, to watch the experience as their friends and family take part.

kennedy space center