Understanding the Areas Where Orlando Hotels are Located - Orlando Vacation

Orlando is a relatively large city in area. If you’re planning a vacation to any Orlando attractions it may seem complicated to find the best Orlando hotels. Following is a guide that will outline all the options, from Disney world hotels to hotels near the University of Central Florida.

The most popular options: Disney World hotels

Not everyone who visits Orlando goes to Walt Disney World but a lot of people do. As a result, the most popular options are Disney World hotels. Within this option, there are several subgroups including:

  • Hotels in the Walt Disney World area
  • Hotels in the Disney Springs area
  • Hotels near Disney’s Maingate West
  • Hotels near Disney’s Maingate East
  • International Drive hotels

There are also Disney hotels located on what’s known as “Disney property.” Keep in mind that those hotels come at a very high price – especially when you consider all the hotels within just a few miles that offer free shuttle service at a much lower price.

Universal Orlando hotels

As the name implies, these Orlando hotels  are near Universal Studios Orlando. One thing to keep in mind is that the Universal theme parks generally close much earlier each night compared to Walt Disney World. As a result, it’s likely that guests will spend more time at their Universal Orlando hotel than they would at their Disney hotel. For this reason, many guests want their hotel near Universal Orlando to have extra amenities, including incredible outdoor pools.

Orlando hotels not associated with any theme park

Believe it or not, people come to Orlando without any intention of going to the theme parks! They may stay in any number of hotel districts, including:

  • Hotels in downtown Orlando.
  • Downtown Kissimmee hotels.
  • University of Central Florida hotels.
  • Hotels in North Orlando.

The right hotel for any given guest is based almost entirely on where they’re planning to go. Kissimmee hotels may be a great choice for those who want to visit SeaWorld and other area parks, while North Orlando hotels may be the right choice for those who plan to travel throughout the state.

How to get the best deal on Florida hotels

Once you’ve decided what area you want your hotel to be located in, you’ll have to work to find the best deal. Those who are planning to visit the theme parks are likely to find the best deal by booking a Disney World or Universal Orlando package. They may also want to look for options like free parking, free shuttles to the parks, and other benefits.

Orlando has so much to offer, from incredible international food to nearly a dozen theme parks, that no matter where you stay, you’re sure to be close to something fun and exciting.