orlandovacation_teens-disney-world-ridesTraveling to Disney World is an incredible experience that’s not to be missed, but parents of teenagers know the special challenges that can be encountered with teens. Check out these 6 helpful tips that will help you make sure everyone has an incredible time.

1.         Keep your kids involved

One of the easiest ways you can assure your teenagers love the trip is to let them help in the planning. If they’ve made the decisions then they’re more likely to enjoy themselves. Of course this doesn’t mean you let them call all the shots. Instead, narrow your options down to a few choices and let them make the final decision.

2.         Give your teen their own spending money

No matter how serious you are about setting a budget, teens have a way of begging and pleading until you give in and buy that extra souvenir or pay for that extra special event. The best way to avoid this problem is to give them a specific amount of money – and let them keep what’s left. This will not only keep them from coming back to you for more and more money, but it’ll teach them an important lesson in budgeting.

3.         Give your teen space

Being cramped in a small Orlando resort hotel can be a trying experience for everyone, but especially for teens who are just starting to value their own privacy. Consider renting a vacation home that gives the teens their own bedrooms.


4.         Leave the alarm at home

You’ll find lots of advice that tells you the earlier you can get to the Disney theme parks, the more rides you can ride. It’s true – but it’s also true that if you’re dragging a grumpy teen along, all the rides in the world won’t make it a great day. Instead, compromise with your teen and let them sleep in. Remember that teens really do need more sleep than adults, and try to make sure they’re as rested as possible.

orlandovacation_disney-world-for-teens5.         Be willing to bend the rules

You work hard to be consistent with rules in your household, but when you’re on vacation it’s okay to bend a few of them. Your teens need to learn how to handle changes in the rules, and there’s nothing wrong with letting them have an incredible time – instead of just an okay one. Just be clear that these rule changes are only applicable while you’re on vacation and be sure to get right back on track when you get home. This added sense of adventure can make all the difference between a trip that’s full of complaining and a trip that’s full of laughter.