Though it’s easier than ever to find discounted tickets to your favorite Orlando parks, planning a getaway can be a challenge if someone in your travel party has special needs.

Fortunately, it seems like most major travel destinations recognize the growing need for accommodations for families who have children with autism or another cognitive disorder. Furthermore, dozens of hotels and resorts are providing similar, special needs-friendly experiences (contact us to learn which properties we recommend!).

Of these, SeaWorld Orlando has taken some of the biggest strides when it comes to making these special visitors feel welcome and — more importantly — comfortable when exploring the park. As such, the location may very well be one of the most autism-friendly vacations in Orlando.

So, how can you make the most of your time here? From SeaWorld’s disability discount to taking advantage of SeaWorld Orlando discount tickets, here is everything you need to know.

SeaWorld is a Certified Autism Center

Granted by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES), SeaWorld Orlando is a certified Autism Center. This means that the location has highly trained staff and the necessary equipment to serve guests with developmental disorders.

So, from the get-go, visitors can feel secure knowing their experience will be tailored with their unique requirements in mind.

Furthermore, families can receive disability passes (called the Ride Accessibly Program), which allows them to skip waiting in the regular line — something that can easily trigger autistic children. Some may even be granted Special Access, which enables them to ride attractions immediately depending on the party’s needs.

Sesame Street Land is Designed for Autistic Guests 

Of course, no visit to SeaWorld is complete without a trip to the park’s Sesame Street Land, which is one of the best recent autism-friendly vacations in Orlando. A few of its noteworthy features include:

  • Designated Quiet Rooms: When your child is ready for a break from the park’s sensory stimulation, simply take them to one of two private Quiet Rooms located near Big Bird’s Rambling River.
  • Low Sensory Areas: For a quick rest away from the commotion, guests can go to the low sensory areas placed behind the Sesame Street Neighborhood and the Twiddle Bug Tracks. With lower populations, these locations are guaranteed to be a much-needed respite.
  • Autism-friendly Dining: Guests can also contact [email protected] prior to their visit to make accommodations for a less-intense dining experience.
  • Provided Headphones: Families can pick up a pair of noise-canceling headphones at the park’s Family Care Center or Welcome Center while supplies last.
  • Low Sensory Parade Experience: Finally, guests who sit several rows from the park’s parade viewing line can avoid direct interactions with its characters, such as high-fives and hugs.

Evidently, the destination has ensured it provides one of the most autism-friendly experiences across the nation — a great reason to pick up SeaWorld Orlando discount tickets this year!


Peppa Pig Theme Park

Peppa Pig Theme Park is dedicated to making the park enjoyable for guests of all abilities, opening as a Certified Autism Center with a comprehensive Sensory Guide, so families can play both safely and comfortably together. Peppa Pig Theme Park is also partnering with The International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES) to create a Sensory Guide. This Sensory Guide, along with a comprehensive Accessibility Guide, will be available to use as planning tools to help all families be aware of the many services and access options that will be available so they can plan the ultimate day of adventure for their preschoolers. Opening 2/24/22, you can book your tickets in advance here with the Legoland Florida combo ticket. 

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