Disney World, no doubt is a happy place! Apparently, you’ll have fun day to day thanks to endless attractions and various things for all ages. At Walt Disney World Resort, you can’t imagine a day requires careful planning, but if you really want to make the most of Disney vacation, you might consider saving valuable time and money by packing the right things!

What Do You Need To Pack Disney World?

Necessary things to pack include:

      • Moist Wipes, sunscreens Sunglasses.
      • Sanitizer for hands.
      • Medicines, Ointment.
      • Money and credit cards, Ticket, Camera.
      • Lightweight jacket. Table shorts.
      • Mickey Mouse ears.
      • Dried fruit

Can You Bring Food And Drinks To Disneyland?

Guests can bring food or drinks to the park, with exceptions. Disneyland will allow guests to bring food given that, they are snacks or ready. Drinks are allowed in glass containers. Items requiring heating are not allowed to Disney world.

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Here Is The List Of 7 Things To Pack To Disney World:

  1. Backpack – The type of bag you choose really depends on whether you do this for yourself or if you can add something for your family. When I go to places like Disney, it’s really unquestionable if you should take a backpack. When you load loads onto excursions such as Splash Mountain, you must place them on the (wet) floor of the vehicle where they will be submerged in running water! Protect them with a waterproof backpack. It has an excellent waterproof coating and sleek, compact. Also, when not in use, it folds up into its own tiny storage pouch, so it does not take up much space when packed.

What should I put on my backpack at Disney World?

Prepare your perfect Walt Disney World backpack! List of basic items in the park for your backpack:

      • Disinfectant for hands and handkerchiefs
      • A bottle of water
      • Sun Hat and sunglasses
      • Autograph and pen /book.
      • Mobile phone, charger, and portable charger
      • Sunscreen and lip balm
      • Camera
      • Snacks
  1. Mini First Aid Kit – In a small container or zip bag, bring the following:
      • Calpol and spoon bag
      • Indigestion tablets
      • Cleansing wipe
      • Deodorant or body spray for renovation
      • plasters
      • ibuprofen
  1. Sun Hat – Especially if your skin is open, a good sun hat can save your life on sunny days. It’s always good to wear a sun hat on the little ones, so they don’t get overheat and the sun doesn’t come into their eyes.
  2. A bottle of water – At Walt Disney World Resort you will have to be thirsty; it’s usually hot and you’ll walk a lot. The good news is that you don’t have to keep getting bottled water as there are fountains in the parks that you can fill your bottle for free!

You don’t like Florida water? Bring small concentrated squash pouches to make them nicer.

  1. Waterproof camera – It cannot be emphasized enough, the water hazards for non-waterproof electronics. Even in a waterproof backpack, your camera will probably be exposed to water at some point, especially if you’re taking pictures! Bring a waterproof camera to capture these memories without worrying about water damage.
  2. Swimsuit cover-up: for women and girls – It’s definitely not bad to wear swimsuits in Disney parks. In fact, you will need many activities including water attractions. Storing a swimsuit cover-up is a great way to allow a comfortable covering and yet a quick drying. During walks, it can be damp, breathable and comfortable.
  3. Sun Creams – It is very essential for you to cover up in Orlando during your Orlando vacation. You can apply lotion first and bring along a small travel sized bottle to the park.

What’s left of your bum-bag?

      • Bag with a credit card and money
      • The ID card (driver’s license or passport) this is very important if you want to drink alcohol: In the United States, you need to present an identity card even if you are older than 21 years.
      • Reservation confirmation etc.
      • Lip balm with SPF is very important to protect the lips in the sun.
      • Phone Use the My Disney Experience app to take a photo, and most of all show your friends on Facebook!!
      • Tickets For non-Disney theme parks (you bring MagicBands at Walt Disney World Resort).

These packing tips are recommended for any day at any Florida theme park – of course, if you go to a water park or have a child, you need a lot more!