One of the many advantages of renting your own Orlando vacation home is that you’ll have access to a full kitchen. All of the basics will be there for you, including pots, pans, silverware, dinnerware, and much more! These creative dinner ideas are quick to make, fun to eat, and will give you a great private way to unwind after a long day at the parks.

sandwiches-orlando-vacation-home1.         Fresh, delicious sandwiches

What better way to relax after a big day at the parks than by throwing together a few gourmet sandwiches? You can buy all the fixins in advance or grab them on your way back from the parks. Either way, this option allows everyone to customize for their own needs, which makes it a great choice for larger groups with varied tastes. It’s also super fast to get the sandwiches together – plus there’s virtually no clean up!

2.         A simple pasta dish

Grab some noodles, a can of gourmet sauce, and some garlic bread. A small side salad and prepared dessert and you’ve got a dinner perfect for a hungry family, or for a romantic dinner with your sweetie! Many Orlando vacation homes have dishwashers, which makes it even more convenient to cook for your loved ones and still feel like you’re on vacation.

bucket-chicken-dinner-orlando-vacation3.         Grab a bucket of chicken to go

Not every dinner has to be fancy, and you don’t even have to cook if you don’t want to! A chicken dinner may seem like a less than optimal choice for family dinner, but when you eat it at your vacation home with real silverware, real napkins, and real plates, you’ll quickly see that it feels just like home. This is a quick, easy, and relatively cheap option for the family who wants to go-go-go.

4.         Take advantage of local fares

If you’re the type who loves to cook then why not stop at a local market to get fresh, delicious, seasonal ingredients? Orlando is well-known as an excellent seafood town and you can get all sorts of fresh prawns, fish fillets, and even shellfish. Or perhaps you’d rather take advantage of the local Cuban population? There are tons of possibilities that give you a chance to show off your skills in the kitchen while taking advantage of local foods.

chicken-casserole-vacation-home-dining5.         Create a potluck with friends and family

Are you traveling with other family members or friends? Meeting up at the parks can be complicated and difficult to orchestrate. Why not invite everyone over for dinner? You can assign dishes to certain people, for example your mom could be in charge of salad and someone else could be assigned an appetizer, or you could simply let everyone bring what they’d like and munch on a mish-mash of foods.