Is there any spot in the world more magical for children than Disney World? The point is arguable, but one thing is certainly true: it can be challenging for single parents to take the kids alone. The good news is that Frommer’s has come up with some great tips for single parents traveling alone with kids. Head over there to read the entire article or take a look at our favorite tips below.

orlandovacation_disney-traveling-planningInvolve your kids in the planning

Taking a trip to Disney World can involve a lot of planning. Be sure you get your kid’s input before you take off. Ask them what their must-dos are for the trip, and offer them several options for restaurants. The more involved they are in the planning, the more excited they will be – and the more understanding they will be of limitations you may have to set.

Use all the resources at your disposal

There are many sites devoted to helping parents who travel alone. Parents Without Partners and TravelWithYourKids are both great resources to help you plan your trip and make the most of it. In some cases it’s as simple as identifying problems that you hadn’t even considered. Having a plan for the issues that will come up on a day to day basis can make your trip a much more relaxing and successful experience.

Focus on activities you can do together

This may seem like an obvious point, but often parents get so focused on finding the best rides and attractions for their kids they don’t consider their own needs. For example, your kids may want to spend the entirety of the trip at character meet and greets, but the fact that you get bored after the first hour-long wait will be apparent to them. Find compromises that allow everyone to have a great time.


Consider babysitting services

Orlando has numerous babysitting services, and they can be a lifesaver for single parents. They’ll come right to your hotel or vacation home and you can slip out to enjoy a night on your own. You can also hire helpers to come with you to the parks for the day. Their fees can be quite high, but it may be worth it to splurge and take the pressure off of you.

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