Grimm Haunted House Orlando

Do you like being scared? Looking for something to do late at night? You and your party might enjoy the Haunted Grimm House. This haunted house is located in the middle of Old Town which sits directly next door to Fun Spot.

The Grimm House is a Victorian style house which was built for the Grimm family in 1886. This house was the home of the Grimm’s funeral house, which was the  most popular funeral house in the area in its prime. As legend would have it, the house became haunted in 1929 when the family succumbed to the oldest sons growing insanity, the butlers penchant for murder, and the stock market crash. All three of these things were too much for the family to overcome.

In 1986 Old Town was being constructed around the Grimm House. It was agreed upon by many of the local business owners who had a stake in the success of Old Town that they were scared that if the house was torn down that the evil spirits would be released. So the town council decided to open the house to the public in 1993. If you like being scared then this is a must see Kissimmee attraction.

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Hours: Daily, noon–11:00 pm

Closed: May be closed major U.S. holidays

Phone: 407-397-2231

Address: Old Town, 5770 W. Irlo Bronson Hwy., Kissimmee

Directions: One mile east of I-4 exit 64 (Highway 192). The Grimm House is located in Old Town on the right hand side about 2.5 miles from the exit.

In September 2016, the Haunted Grimm House changed names to the Mortem Manor. The attraction is still located at Old Town. They have two shows the Mortem Manor Lights on Tour Show which is recommend for all ages and Mortem Manor Haunted Show which is only recommend to children 12 years of age and older.