So you’re planning a trip to Orlando. Congratulations! You have tons to plan and lots to look forward to. One of your first decisions is likely to be where you’ll stay. Generally you have two options: hotel resorts or vacation homes. There are actually several reasons that vacation homes may be the best choice for you, no matter who’s going or what your budget is.


1.         It may be the most affordable option

You can rent an Orlando vacation home with anywhere from 3 bedrooms all the way up to 8 bedrooms. If you’re a smaller party, the prices will start at just $99 per night – that can be up to an 80% discount over some of Disney’s on-site resorts. Larger groups can save a significant amount when compared to the necessity of renting numerous hotel rooms to accommodate everyone.

2.         You can all stay together

If you’re a larger group, you’ll likely have to split up when you stay in hotel rooms. Most rooms can only legally allow 4 or 5 guests a time. On the other hand, if you have an 8-bedroom vacation home you could hold many, many more guests. This gives your family or friends a chance to spend some quality time together.


3.         You have a lot more control

When you rent your vacation home you’ll get to make a lot of decisions: how many rooms, what amenities it will have, how far from the parks it will be, and more. You pick the home, you pick the things that are most important to you – and you reap the rewards! Also note that each home has a full kitchen, which frees up tons of options for your food budget.

4.         Privacy is your friend

You get tons of privacy in your private vacation rental. Not only do you get a private pool, but you have separate living and sleeping quarters. This is great if you’ll be sharing the home with people who go to bed earlier or later than you. Instead of all cramming into a hotel room and having to remain silent while others sleep, you can relax in the living room and have a great time.

5.         Skip the hustle and bustle

Not only will you have tons of privacy, but you won’t be stuck in the crazy traffic and hustle and bustle of the Disney-area hotels. Yet, you won’t be far away, either! In fact, every vacation home we rent is 15 minutes or less from the theme parks. It’s the perfect compromise that gives you the flexibility and proximity you want, but without the hassle of staying in the lap of Disney.


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