No Disney World experience is truly complete without visiting its EPCOT theme park. From the location’s must-see events like the International Festival of the Arts to its international-themed pavilions, the area is a great place to fall in love with Disney’s magic all over again.

Still, there’s arguably one aspect where it shines brighter than any other Disney location: the cuisine.

You’ll find virtually any type of food stepping into the park, and though the meals themselves are delicious, it seems like Disney World is trying to provide a dining experience like no other with its latest attraction: the Space 220 restaurant in EPCOT.

So, what exactly is this spot, and is it worth adding to your next Disney World itinerary? Stick around to find out!

Arriving to the Restaurant

You’ll find Space 220 in EPCOT’s Mission: SPACE area, where you’ll wait in a standby line until a cast member gives you a “boarding pass.” Once you’re given the all-clear, you’ll board the “Stellarvator” that’ll transport you straight to the Centauri Space Station — granting you an aerial view of EPCOT along the way.

Towards the end of the 75-second ride, the surrounding sights of Florida will suddenly give way to a great expanse of stars. You’re in space! 

Still, your journey is not quite over. As you walk through the corridor leading to the restaurant, you’ll be accompanied by a display of plant life growing in real-time, all leading up to a final image of Earth rotating directly below your feet.

If you’ve made your reservations late, there’s no need to worry; regardless of where you sit, you’ll receive breathtaking panoramic views of space floating outside the windows.

Overall, it’s a dream come true for any space lover.

The Dining Experience

The Space 220 restaurant in EPCOT offers two different pricing packages: one for lunch, and one for dinner. They go as follows:

  • Two-course Lunch – 11:30am to 3:55 pm: $55 per adult, $29 per child (up to age 9)
  • Three-course Dinner – 4:00pm to 9:00 pm: $79 per adult, $29 per child (up to age 9)

Meal options are quite varied, with appetizers including Blue Moon Cauliflower and dinner choices ranging from Bluehouse Salmon to Flat Iron Steak. Of course, there are also a few add-ons available, particularly when it comes to the restaurant’s specialty beverages like the Planetary Punch or Celestial Cosmopolitan.

When it comes to quality, every meal option is worth a taste and lives up to EPCOT’s standards of top-notch flavor.

Is Space 220 Worth a Visit?   

Overall, our Space 220 review is a positive one, as there are no major flaws within the restaurant’s dining experience. The atmosphere and visuals provided are incredibly immersive (if pricey) and guarantee guests will enjoy every moment.

Now, are the meals provided entirely “out of this world?” Not particularly — but they are still excellent. 

Ultimately, Space 220 is worth at least one visit for the average guest. However, if you’re willing to shell out the expensive pricing more than once, there’s nothing wrong with coming back for a second helping. Don’t forget to grab your Disney World tickets at a discounted price today!