orlandovacation_teens-disney-worldTeenagers often get a reputation for being moody or unpredictable, but the reality is that they can really make a vacation even more magical. Let’s take a look at these ideas for exciting firsts that will help make your teen’s trip to Orlando one of their most cherished memories for years to come.

Let them drive in a strange city for the first time

Driving anywhere is exciting enough for a teen, but they’ll never forget their first time driving in a new city. It’s best to wait a few days into your trip so they can get a feel for the roads and different traffic patterns, but Orlando is actually a great place for a first drive. The speeds are low, there is typically enough traffic around that everyone is paying attention, and there aren’t any significant intersections that could cause panic.

orlandovacation_teen-eating-epcot-world-showcaseLet them have a day to themselves

Your teen likely does all sorts of things on their own at home, but you may feel hesitant to let them wander off for an afternoon at Disney World. Don’t be! The theme parks are a great time for kids to learn to be comfortable in new situations. If you’re worried, make their break a short one. Perhaps give them an hour to shop on their own, or let them hop around to the thrill rides while you take a break. They’ll appreciate the trust and will have a wonderful time on their own.

Let them have a meal to themselves

Eating alone doesn’t have to be lonely – it can be a lot of fun! This is an especially good tip if you have teenagers and younger children. The younger kids want to head to all the character meals, yet your teens don’t. You don’t want to waste $50 on a lunch your teen won’t like and will sulk through, so why not let them find their own lunch? You can make reservations for them at their favorite table service restaurant, or let them find a counter service restaurant to stop by.

Let them try new cuisines

There are tons of ways for your teen to get a taste for something a little out of the ordinary. World Showcase is a great example where they can sample foods from around the globe. Give them a Disney gift card or some cash and let them try a treat they won’t try at home. They may not like everything they try but they’ll remember the first time they ate Moroccan food, or the first time they sampled some real French fare for the rest of their life.