Some people believe there’s a perfect age to take kids to Disney World for the first time, and they often think that it’s when they’re six or older. The reality is that there are actually a lot of reasons it’s smart to take kids before they’re school age. Read on to see some of the reasons we think it’s great to take young kids to Disney World.

1.         Travel when it’s convenient for you

When you’re not beholden to an academic calendar, you can travel when it makes sense for you. This is especially important for parents working jobs where time off can be difficult to get approved. Don’t battle to get a coveted summer week off – travel when you want!


2.         Get deep discounts on rooms

When you travel during the off season, virtually everything will be cheaper. Whether you’re renting an Orlando vacation home or staying in an offsite resort, you could see significantly cheaper accommodations than if you traveled during peak times.

3.         Skip the lines

School breaks are the busiest time of the year for the Disney parks, and if you travel during them you’ll feel it! Some rides can have lines over three hours long during the busiest times of year, but those who travel in the slowest times of the year – notably most of January and February – will enjoy walk-ons with most rides and can significantly reduce the amount of time they’re wasting in line.

orlandovacation_toddler-disney-world-rides4.         Young kids are free!

Not only will you save money by traveling during off-peak season due to lower rates, kids under three get into the parks for free! This can save you hundreds of dollars versus the cost of taking a four year old to the parks.

5.         There are tons of rides young kids can ride

We see plenty of people believe that taking young kids doesn’t make sense because there are so few rides for them to enjoy. The reality is that this simply isn’t true! Every park has numerous rides and attractions that have no height restrictions at all.

6.         Rider swap allows the adults to ride everything they want

If you’re traveling with a young child and someone else, you don’t have to be limited to rides the kids can ride. Instead, take advantage of rider swap. Essentially, you, your partner, and your kid head to the ride together and request a rider swap. One adult waits in the regular line and rides the ride. When they’re done, they relieve the one waiting with the kid, and that second adult gets to use a rider swap to skip the lines and get right on the ride.

As you can see, taking young kids to Disney World has tons of advantages! The reality is that the happiest place on earth truly is fun for all ages.