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SeaWorld Shamu Adventure

Perhaps the most popular show at SeaWorld is Believe. This show was redone in 2008, and the main attraction in this show is the star of Sea World, Shamu. The show is upbeat with live music, dancing, and of course Shamu doing amazing flips and tricks. This show tracks the history of killer whales, and their fight for survival in our ever changing world.

Note: Believe is shown in the Shamu Amphitheater, which has stadium style seating. The first few rows, which are closer to the water, are labeled the soak zone and for good reason. If you sit in these seats there is a good chance you will get wet. The soak zone seats are colored blue.

There is no height requirement for this ride.

Age: Attraction Review:
ages 2-4 This show is great for all audiences; however, sometimes it is hard to keep the little ones seated long enough to enjoy the show.
ages 5-10 With all the dancing and upbeat music children in this age group really like Believe starring Shamu.
ages 11-15 Preteens and teenagers love to sit in the soak zone at Shamus stadium.
ages 16-adult Everybody loves Shamus Believe. This show is one of the highlights of SeaWorld and is great for all audiences.

SeaWorld Tip

The shows in the middle of the day are always the most crowded. You’ll need to arrive at least 30 minutes early to insure a seat, although you can sometimes arrive later if willing to sit in the soak zone section.

Small Children Tip

If you have small active children who do not want to sit through the entire 25 minute show you can always take them to the childrens play area which is located directly behind Shamus Amphitheater.

SeaWorld Fact

* The neat thing about Believe and the other shows at SeaWorld is that the trainers are dealing with animals which used to be wild. So every show is a little different because the animals act a little differently.


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