The SeaWorld Kraken is the tallest, fastest and longest roller coaster in Orlando. It's also the only floorless coaster, which is designed so that the riders feet hang over the track. Itdrops rides from over fifteen storiesand turnthem upside down seven times at speeds reaching 65 miles per hour.

There is a 54 inch minimum height requirement.

Age: Attraction Review:
ages 2-4 Young children are not tall enough to ride the Kraken.
ages 5-10 The SeaWorld Kraken is an intense high speed roller coaster with drops and loops that are way beyond the Disney coasters. Thankfully, the ride is completely visible and is probably more visually terrifying that it actuallyis riding it. Most children who are brave enough to ride Kraken after watching it for a few minute should enjoy the ride.
ages 11-15 Pre-teens and teens looking for edgier roller coaster than those found at Walt Disney World will be in heaven.
ages 16-adult Commonly ranked among the best roller coasters in the nation, Kraken is an amazing coaster for thrill seeking fans.
senior citizens For seniors who enjoy roller coasters, Kraken is commonly ranked among the best roller coasters in the nation.

SeaWorld Tip

The shortest lines for the SeaWorld Kraken are in the first hour the park is open and the two hours before park closing. Considering SeaWorld's audience is not particularly thrill ride oriented, often Kraken's line is quite reasonable even in the summertime.

SeaWorld Fact

The SeaWorld Kraken features a drop of 144 feet and a track length of 4,177 feet.