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Aquatica Ride Requirements

Aquatica Ride Requirements

If you’re planning a trip to Aquatica, you might have more questions than you would for any other amusement park. Aquatica is a water park, so the rides are water slides and water rides. If you’ve never been to a water park or if it has been a long time, this article will answer any questions you may have about the ride requirements.

For starters when it comes to Aquatica’s ride requirements, you’ll want to wear appropriate swimwear, if you’re planning to ride the rides. That can be board shorts, Bermuda shorts (Beware: some rides do not allow wearing of cotton shorts.), swim trunks for guys, and swimsuits, bikinis, and tankinis for girls. Of course, girls can choose to wear shorts and a shirt, if they prefer. Some rides specify no shirts, so be prepared to take any shirts off for those rides. Read below to see which ones have that requirement. Jeans and long pants are not a god idea, because they will weigh you down once they get wet. Baggy or loose clothing is also not a good idea because they have the potential to come off with all the turbulence that the rides can cause. Shoes cannot be worn, unless they are the aqua shoes that are made to go in water.

Now, we will look at the requirements for each specific ride. There are a couple of rides that are for small children. The slides in Kata’s Kookaburra Cove are for children under 48 inches tall. In the event that a taller child is accompanying a child of proper height, they will allow the taller child to ride the rides, too. Additionally, there is a weight restriction on this ride of 400 pounds.

The other main attractions for young children are in Walkabout Waters. For the smaller slides in the main pool area, children must be between 36 and 42 inches. For the larger slides in this area, children must be over 42 inches but not over 48 inches. Children under 48 inches (so all children allowed on these rides) will be required to wear a life vest, which are available at no cost in several places in the park.

Loggerhead Lane does not have a height restriction, but requires that anyone under 48 inches must wear a life vest. You must ride in an inner tube (provided at no cost) while on this lazy river type ride.

Roa’s Rapids is similar to Loggerhead Lane in that it has few restrictions. The only one is that people under 51 inches must wear life vests. This makes sense because the currents are pretty strong and the water moves very fast. Those whose feet don’t touch the bottom could get swept up and knocked into other riders or the sides. The life vests will help them to be able to maneuver.

The rest of Aquatica’s rides have slightly more restrictions, such as the Dolphin Plunge. In order to ride this ride, you must be 48 inches or taller. Unlike many other rides, no life vests are allowed. This is one ride that will not allow wearing of any kind of shirts or cotton shorts. Riders go as singles only and must not weigh over 300 pounds. This ride also has a required riding position, which is straight legged, crossed at the ankles with arms folded over the body like you’re giving yourself a hug. You must be able to maintain that position for the duration of the ride. (Don’t worry. For most people, it’s no problem.)

Walhalla Wave and HooRoo Run both have the same requirements as each other. You must be at least 42 inches tall. Any riders under 48 inches will be required to wear a life vest. These rides allow up to five riders at a time on one raft, but they must not exceed a combined 600 pounds. These rides require riders to maintain the proper riding position, which is holding onto the raft straps, one in each hand for the duration of the ride, without any help.

Tassie’s Twisters and Whanau Way have the same requirements as the above two rides, with two exceptions. One is the weight limit. These rides have a maximum weight of 400 pounds instead of 600. The other exception is that there is not a minimum height, but like the two previously named rides, all riders under 48 inches will be required to wear a life vest.

Finally Taumata Racer requires that its riders be 42 inches or taller. Riders must be able to hold each raft strap unassisted, but there is no life vest requirement. The ride allows only single riders with a weight maximum of 300 pounds.

One nice thing that Aquatica offers is a wristband for young children. Have them measured when you first enter the park and they receive a wristband to indicate whether or not they are “preapproved” to ride the rides. This will avoid having to measure them for each ride.

After reading this article, you are well prepared for your Aquatica visit. Now that you know all the ride requirements, you can plan your day accordingly. Happy splashing!