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Aquatica for Small Children

Aquatica Attractions for kids

SeaWorld Orlando Discount PackagesThe creators of SeaWorld’s water park in Orlando- Aquatica put so much thought into making it a place for the whole family. Sometimes theme parks are spot on for some age groups, like teens, or adults, but miss the mark when it comes to entertaining young children. Aquatica gets it right.

There is so much for young children to do, an adult could spend a whole day with them in the areas especially designed for youngsters. For starters, kids love to play on the beach and Aquatica has a large beach area, near Big Surf Shores, home of the wave pools. This convenient location is great because it allows older kids to splash around in the large pools and adults get to relax under an umbrella or catch some rays, all while the little ones build sand castles or bury their feet.

Kata’s Kookaburra Cove at Aquatica

When it’s time for some action, take your little ones over to Kata’s Kookaburra Cove. Adjacent to the beach area, this kids’ area is a place for smaller children to be able to splash around in the water and play without fear of being trampled by larger kids. This is one of the areas in the park that is just for them. Kids will be able to ride water slides, like the ones the big kids get to ride, only beginner level, so it’s completely safe and non-threatening.

After splashing around in Kata’s Kookaburra Cove, kids can play around in Walkabout Waters. Just looking at this colorful area filled with tubes and water spouts is fun. It’s sort of like a giant water playground. Kids can climb through tubes and wave down at their parents from the top of the jungle gym-like structures. Parents can accompany smaller children if they wish. Kids have so much fun and parents like that they’re using some of that extra energy. Besides water slides made for them, kids enjoy water gun fights with the permanent water guns that protrude out of the watery ground. They also enjoy watching as unwitting passersby are suddenly drenched with the huge water buckets that gather water that drips from water spouts little by little until, when the time is right, they dump tons of water onto whoever happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s really quite funny to watch.

Aquatica Loggerhead Lane

Another attraction that younger children can safely enjoy at Aquatica is Loggerhead Lane. Riding with an adult, they will enjoy this lazy river ride. You can ride your raft through a cave with a glass wall that allows you to see into a world of exotic fish. Rest on your raft while you watch the fish as long as you want. Then get back into the flow of the river and ride it around and around as many times as you like.

Aquatica is not a theme park where kids ride around in strollers for hours on end, looking hot and bored to tears. At this park, they get to run, splash, and laugh all day long.