OrlandoVacation.com Loves to Work with Realtors

We pay a flat fee of $500 for a referral that leads to a vacation home owner signing up with our program. We pay this fee to the real estate agent immediately  after the homeowner has signed on with our program. We do not require the agent to wait 60 or 90 days before receiving their money from us.

We understand when a real estate agent refers a client to us, they are trusting us that we are going to take care of their client. This is a relationship business, and we cherish our relationships with all the real estate agents. In addition to paying our real estate agents a commission, we understand the best way we can say thank-you is to go above and beyond for their client.

Why Refer Clients to Us?

Retain Your Customer

We do not have anyone in our company who practices real estate, we are solely a vacation home property management firm. So when your client wants to buy another property we will always refer them back to you.

Put your client with a Company that produces rental income

Last year, we did not have 1 vacation rent under 220 nights a year and most of our vacation homes rented between 240 to 260 nights on an annual basis. The more a vacation home is rented the more income it produces.

No Hidden Fees? No Upfront cost?

We do not have any hidden fees, and we do not require any money to be held in escrow to get started with us. We are so confident in our marketing platform, we know we are going to be sending your client a check every month. In addition, we are the only vacation home management company in Orlando that if am owner wants out of our program they can get out with a small 10 day notice. All other management companies require a 60 to 90 day notice.

Protect Your Reputation

We understand how important professionalism is and we want to keep your client happy. We have over 100 vacation under management right now, and we have been doing business here in Orlando since 1993.

We'll Pay You!

When you refer a client to us we will pay you a $500 referral fee, and we pay you this immediately after your client signs up with our program. We do not require you to wait 60 to 90 days for you to get your money. Once your owner signs up with us, it is our responsibility to make sure we keep them happy.

Eliminate frustration and let us plan your stay in Orlando, FL.

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