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Best Rides at Disney World for Toddlers

Best Rides at Disney World for Toddlers

Toddlers are often forgotten at places where the attractions are geared to older kids, tweens, teens, and adults, but Walt Disney World takes good care of the youngest family members, too. Sure, there’s plenty for their older siblings to do, but the four Disney parks have lots of attractions that are perfect for toddlers. Here are just a few:

The Magic Kingdom


The Dumbo ride is a classic, and when New Fantasyland was built in the Magic Kingdom, a second Dumbo was added. Better yet, instead of waiting in a long line, your toddler can enjoy a fun indoor playground until it’s his or her turn to fly with the talented little elephant.

It’s a Small World

This ride makes teens roll their eyes, but toddlers love it. They’re entranced by the music and colors as they float through various countries and see the animated dolls and animals.

Winnie the Pooh

Toddlers can literally ride through the pages of a Winnie the Pooh storybook, and they even get to bounce like Tigger in the special ride vehicles. There’s a play area in the queue line to make the wait more tolerable.

Jungle Cruise

Sure, toddlers are too young to appreciate the corny humor on this ride, but they enjoy the Audio Animatronic animals. They’ll squeal with delight when the hippos rise up out of the water and the elephants do a near-miss squirt.


What toddler does like to soar up and down on a colorful carousel horse? Each steed is equipped for a seat belt for added safety with little equestrians.

Peter Pan’s Flight

This classic ride lets toddlers soar over London and into Never Land in an enchanted boat. It has colorful characters to entice eager youngsters into the story.

Journey of the Little Mermaid

What toddler wouldn’t love to venture under the sea and into the Little Mermaid’s world? This New Fantasyland ride is extremely child friendly, with lots of bright colors, movement, and music throughout. Ursula’s on hand, but don’t worry. Her appearance isn’t too scary for timid toddlers.


The Seas With Nemo and Friends

Toddlers who loved the movie “Finding Nemo” will delight at seeing the little clown fish and his friends frolicking throughout this dark ride. They’ll even see the cartoon fish swimming along with real residents of the Epcot coral reef at the end.

Gran Fiesta Tour

Gran Fiesta Tour is located inside the Mexico pavilion in World Showcase at Epcot. Kids love this boat ride, where they get to see Donald Duck team up with José Carioca and Panchito for a fun-filled journey through Mexico.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Toy Story Mania

Your toddler may not be old enough to take part in the virtual arcade games on Toy Story Mania, but he or she will love the colors and sounds and seeing Woody, Jessie, and other Toy Story favorites throughout the ride.

The Great Movie Ride

This trip through Hollywood has some scary parts, but it also takes a journey down the Yellow Brick Road through the Land of Oz. Toddlers love seeing the Munchkins and watching the Wicked Witch of the West get vanquished by the tour guide.