SeaWorld Parks Great For The Family To Enjoy

Where in Orlando can you make friends with dolphins, travel to Antarctica, visit penguins, ride a roller coaster and watch killer whales? Only at SeaWorld Orlando! SeaWorld packages have been thrilling Orlando vacation visitors since 1973 and are known for their extraordinary encounters with wildlife and unique races. The Kraken slide coaster is a great example and invites you to a deep-sea experience with a collection of legendary beasts … if you dare! Also, in the new ride Infinity Fall, you will travel via the remains of the lost forest civilization on a white waters cruise that you will never forget.

Mako & Manta

In Mako, “Hyper Roller Coaster” and Manta expect even more. You could get wet, but a trip to Atlantis will surely get you drenched. The jet helicopter crosses the icy north followed by a tour of the North Pole research station with impressive creatures such as belugas and walruses in the Arctic.

SeaWorld Programs

SeaWorld’s main rides are also world-class, but also incomparable as are the theme park programs. These include Ocean Discovery, Dolphin Days, Ocean One, Clyde and Pets Ahoy, and Seamore’s Sea Lion High. In fact, SeaWorld offers a sea of adventures and wonders. Grab your SeaWorld Orlando tickets to enjoy all this fun with the family!

Explore All The Parks

SeaWorld has perfected a great recipe for adventure for the whole family. SeaWorld Orlando like Universal Orlando packages includes spectacular entertainment with animal interaction. And, as they like to say, fun walks for "good". SeaWorld Orlando is the most important marine adventure park in the world, with 200 hectares of world-class shows, exciting attractions, and impressive encounters with wildlife. SeaWorld guests can enjoy watching Shamu, eat with sharks or float in the air on a sophisticated roller coaster. "Blue Horizons", a dolphin show, combines bottlenose dolphins and killer whales with acrobatics for colorful displays. Other shows include "Pets Ahoy" and "Clyde & Seamore Take Pirate Island," a show with sea lions and beavers. Both are more comical. The show lasts 20 to 35 minutes, and "Believe" lasts longer.

Discovery Cove

In Discovery Cove the family can swim with dolphins, glide with rays, meet sharks safely, and dive into the best underwater world, without obstacles, snakes, or crowds. During a 30-minute interaction with the dolphins, you can swim in the deep-sea lagoon and play with beautiful bottlenose dolphins or dive through large coral reefs with more than 9,000 tropical fish, rays, barracuda, and sharks that hide Safely behind a glass partition. Glide with the smaller races in Ray Lagoon, and then run to the aviary to fly freely, where more than 200 tropical birds live that you can feed and touch.


Play in resort-style pools, play under waterfalls, swim in tropical rivers, and walk through thatched huts and cabins. Or you can claim a hammock with shade and relax on a white-sand beach. When finished, Laguna Grill serves freshly prepared food. You can save by adding SeaWorld, Aquatica, Busch Gardens, and Adventure Island to your Discovery Cove package.

More Intimate Interactions

Though there are no shows at Discovery Cove, those who want more interactions with SeaWorld animals can consider it a superior park. The main attraction is swimming with the dolphins, where guests have a few minutes to swim with the dolphins. For those who simply want to dive in a tropical reef, there is a package without swimming with dolphins at a cheaper price.

Find an Orlando Vacation Home for your Family Reunion

SeaWorld just like Disney World is a great place for the whole family to enjoy the many attractions and slides. Don’t miss out!


SeaWorld knows how to handle water. No wonder world-class water parks have stood a chance here. However, what may surprise you is that Aquatica combines fun in a water park with a way to interact with animals. This 59-hectare park offers numerous attractions for all ages and sensations in the atmosphere of the South Sea islands. Dolphin Plunge, one of Aquatica's most famous attractions, features side-by-side sleds that guide guests through a collection of white and black Commerson Dolphins.

Slide & See

While the concept of "interacting with dolphins" sounds interesting, the wait may be discouraging. The journey begins in closed and opaque tubes and provides a fast and tortuous journey into the darkness. When the guest enters the dolphin pond, the tube then becomes transparent acrylic. But even if dolphins swim near the tube (which happens occasionally), riders may not see them because dolphins and riders pass so fast. If the snaking tube swells easily up to an hour or more on busy days, you can skip the trip.

Another Way To See

This does not mean those interesting dolphins have to pass. When you walk to Loggerhead Lane, the slow river of Aquatica, you don't have to wait long. Among the organized tourist attractions, there is a relaxing trip to the underwater window, beyond the dolphin pond. The relatively short path also leads through the cave with colorful aquariums of African fish. Passengers at two Tassie Twister Bowl attractions also travel on the lazy river and can observe the animals. Guests who do not want to board a boat can see dolphins on the ground in the second underwater observation area.

The Not So Lazy River

In addition to dolphins and fish in the park, other animals such as turtles and pangolins are also included. Among other things, Aquatica offers two adjacent wave pools, each with a different wave experience. And Roa's Rapids is a river of action that is very fast, long enough, and full of fun. Forget the tube; The drivers simply go along the river and encounter geysers, sudden jumps, and other disturbances.

Other Attractions

Other attractions of Aquatica include Walkabout Waters, a huge interactive game station with many water cannons and other small pointed objects, and two trash cans. Two raft races for families, one closed and winding, one open and one dead, offer fast and tense races. The Taumata Racer begins in a dark and closed container and ends in a side-by-side run until it ends. Two tube slides in Whanau Way offer two different driving sensations.

Make An Itinerary

It is important to have a plan, such as the spontaneous days of the past, that is no longer common among visitors to SeaWorld park due to its increasing popularity, fast tickets, and restaurant reservations. With a plan, you can also use your time wisely and explore as much experience as possible. This can be difficult in family gatherings (due to a large number of people in your group). Therefore, it may be better to prioritize your entire travel plan to make sure everyone knows what they want.

Biggest & Scariest Coasters

SeaWorld has some of Orlando's biggest and scariest roller coasters and families love it. SeaWorld Orlando has four large roller coasters and several family rides. Mako claims the title of the tallest, fastest, and longest roller coaster in Orlando. Kraken is another fantastic roller coaster where you can wear a virtual reality helmet that will take you on an underwater adventure. I find virtual reality as a new and fun experience, but finding animated underwater monsters is less scary than seeing the speed and real conditions far below. Blanket pointed down instead of forward, creating a sense of flight. The trip to Atlantis is one of the most interesting routes with tree trunks.

Also plan to research any Orlando hotels or vacation home rentals that truly fit all your family's needs. If other theme park tickets are in mind, make sure to reserve them before your trip.

Create Memories!

SeaWorld is a world-class educational amusement park and an aquarium in one. It is difficult to separate children from the big glass roller coasters during our last trip, but the exposure to the aquarium is impressive. Here you can create memories with the family.


Rich in penguins, encounters with sharks and the wild Arctic are irreplaceable finds. Antarctica and Arctic Wild offer optional rides at the beginning of the exhibition. Wild Arctic Ride is very similar to Star Tours in Walt Disney World. The trip to Antarctica is tame, but uneven if you choose the "wild" version. At the exhibition, you will have the opportunity to closely observe penguins, sharks, beluga whales, walruses, and other animals in large basins and underwater observation areas. I especially love penguins. Get close-up photos without glass in an interesting interior. Animal shows have always been SeaWorld's main attraction and SeaWorld Orlando shows are fun. They are also a good opportunity to sit for a while. My favorite shows are the dolphin show and the sea lion show. Dolphins speak loudly and Clyde and Seamore Sea Lion shows are full of laughter.

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