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The Role of the Group Travel Coordinator

The role of the Orlando travel coordinator

The Role of the Group Travel Coordinator

Is it your turn this year to plan your family reunion? Or have you been elected to plan your son’s travel team’s overnight accommodations for this year’s tournament? Orlando is the perfect place for your groups to stay, play, and spend family time together.

Being the coordinator for the group can be stressful at times and will take a lot of organization on your part. With a little research and help from travel companies such as OrlandoVacation.com, you can be successful in planning travel for your group.

1. Know your travel dates:

If your group is interested in Disney World group packages that including hotel and theme park tickets, please note that these costs change seasonally. Traveling during peak season (Spring Break, Summertime, or Holidays) expect to pay the most for your Orlando group packages. If your group has the flexibility to travel during Orlando’s slower seasons, you will save money on hotels and theme park tickets.


2. The budget:

No one likes to hear this word, but when it comes to group travel, this is a necessity. You will need to know what everyone is willing to spend on Orlando hotels, theme park tickets, meals, etc. When you are looking for group discounts, most companies require a minimum requirement to be considered a group. Purchases must be made together and paid together. As the group coordinator, you will most likely need to collect money from your attendees to take advantage of group discounts.


3. Where does the group want to stay:

This is another important question to ask the group. Orlando is a very large city. For those who have never traveled to Orlando before, it is very important to ensure that your overnight accommodations are in a location in which will benefit your group. Do your research and look at the location of the Orlando vacation home rentals or hotels compared to the theme parks, airports, or the venues you will be visiting while in Orlando.


OrlandoVacation - Role of the Group Travel Coordinator4. Getting here is half the fun:

Within a seventy-five-mile radius of the Disney attraction area, there are five major airports, two cruise ports, two train stations, and many major highways. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of travel for your group. Make a note to yourself to ask your hotel if they provide transportation to the theme parks or from the airport.



OrlandoVacation - Role of the Group Travel Coordinator5. Theme Parks:

Orlando Group Packages are popular for travelers visiting the city. Combining Disney or Universal Group theme park tickets with your hotel room is most beneficial when you can purchase these together for your groups. Walt Disney Walt now has four major theme parks and two water parks, Universal Studios Orlando has two major parks and one water park, and Sea World even has its own water park. Orlando also has many other attractions, sporting events, and shows. There is so much to see and do, it is just a matter of what your group has time and money to do.


OrlandoVacation - Role of the Group Travel Coordinator6. Putting it together:

Once you have decided your group’s itinerary and have your budget in place, it is time to do the leg work. Reach out to travel companies to assist you. Use companies located in Orlando. Shop around for Orlando Group Packages. Give yourself a minimum of 6 months to start planning to be able to succeed in collecting money from your group, if you will be looking for Orlando group discounts. Hotels require you to sign a contract for rooms of 10 or more and pay a deposit. Theme park tickets need to be purchased together and paid for together as a group. Group transportation whether it be by bus or air will require prepayment. Reservations for group meals also need to be made in advance.

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