Many grandparents are on a fixed income and a tight budget. If you're one of them, you want to give your grandchildren a memorable trip to Walt Disney World, but you can't afford to break the bank. Here's how to have a memorable family vacation at a reasonable cost:

Give a pre-determined amount of money to spend on souvenirs.

Kids get so excited when they're in a souvenir shop full of fun toys and trinkets featuring their favorite Disney characters. As a loving grandparent, it's easy to give in to their pleas to “Buy this for me, please!” They'll also beg if you take them into one of the candy shops or bakeries filled with tempting treats. You can offset the dilemma of “to spoil or not to spoil” and teach the grandkids a life lesson by putting them on a budget. Give them a pre-determined amount of spending money at the beginning of the trip. It's up to them to decide how to spend it, whether they opt for a bunch of small impulse purchases or save it up for something big.

Choose an inexpensive hotel option

It's likely that you won't be spending a lot of time in your hotel room, since the grandkids will be clamoring to be at the Disney theme parks as long as possible. Most of your time at the hotel will probably be spent sleeping and recharging for the next big day of fun. That means you can opt for a cheaper hotel rather than a pricey, top-of-the-line resort. Staying at an inexpensive hotel doesn't mean that you have to skimp on quality. There are plenty of budget properties with large pools and other kid-friendly amenities in case you need a little downtime. You'll find many options at Better yet, that website often runs special offers with free or deeply discounted theme park tickets. Not only can you save on your accommodations, but you'll get a bargain on your Disney tickets, too. There are actually quite a few inexpensive resorts that have amenities you'd normally associate with top-tier, pricey properties. For example, Mystic Dunes has spacious two-bedroom units, four pools, a water slide, bike rentals, miniature golf, and more. When you opt for a property with so many amenities, you can save even more money by taking a day off from the theme parks and letting the kids enjoy the resort activities.

Bring your own snacks

Theme park food is expensive. Of course, you'll probably end up eating some meals at Walt Disney World. Many grandparents want to have a character meal experience with their grandchildren because it creates priceless memories and is often the source of classic photos. However, you can bring or buy your own snacks for breakfast or lunch. The grandkids will probably want a Mickey bar or churro, but grocery stores have a lot of Disney-themed healthy treats, like fruit snacks, that you can hand out at the parks instead.

Looks for ways to save on Food

If you book a suite, condo or townhome for your lodging, not only will you enjoy the much larger space, but each 1BR and larger comes with your own kitchen complete with all the pots and pans, silverware, dishes, glasses and appliances. No mom, we are not advocating you come on this the family vacation to slave in the kitchen. But, if we can be practical for a minute the one meal that can be planned without much in the way of cooking is breakfast and the average family of four cans save right at $300 over a week if they eat in rather than having this meal at a restaurant. This is a savings that can be had and no one is giving up anything. Matter of fact, the Royale Parc Suites located only minutes from Walt Disney World offers kitchenettes for cooking and better yet, you get a free hot breakfast buffet for the entire family. Check it out on

Don’t buy one day to Disney one day to SeaWorld and one day to Universal it will hurt your wallet

It happens every day, guest coming to Orlando for four days and wanting to taste a bit at each park. Be aware there are no discounts for shopping like this. It is just like when you go to Costco or Sam’s club. If you shop there you are going to enjoy the bargains…why? Because you are going to buy more than one item. If you buy a three day ticket to Disney World from for a limited time you will get the fourth day free. When you do the simple arithmetic you will be getting into the parks each and every day at the rate of $66 not the $100 that all of the parks are charging…that is a discount of 34%. So the old story still holds true…if you buy one apple you are going to pay retail…if you purchase 4 you are going to get a much better deal.There's no way to avoid a big financial outlay when you bring the grandchildren to Walt Disney World if you want to have a good time. However, if you use these five tips, you'll save some significant money without sacrificing the quality of your trip.