Different flavors to devour this fall at Disney Springs

Different flavors to devour this fall at Disney Springs

Relax with friends & family on Orlando vacation, share activities for all ages, special seasonal flavors and a touch of Halloween, from September to early November in Disney World. From September 20 to November 4, celebrate the fullness of autumn with food and drink inspired by the season in more than 30 places. Bring your friends, bring your family. You will be spoiled by Disney packages with choice of culinary fall tours: from delicious turkey reinforcements to vegetable tacos and pumpkin and cannoli cakes.

4 Rivers Barbecue Cantina Food Truck

Here you will find typical 4-river meat dishes, such as soft beef and delicious pork, but prepared with traditional barbecue techniques, a grill method originally from the Caribbean and finally perfected in Mexico. The dishes to try include the unbearable Taco cone and Squash Blossom Quesadilla. And if you're looking for something sweet, make sure you save space for the Churro Ball Dulce de Leche!

Food Truck 4rivers
Photo via 4 Rivers
Miromoto Asia
Photo via Morimoto Asia/Facebook

Morimoto Asia

Enjoy the best pan-Asian cuisine, while Chef Morimoto of Iron Chef America presents his most exciting restaurant. It is one of our favorite places when we visit Disney Springs. We can't help losing a variety of delicious pan-Asian dishes. Morimoto Asia offers guests a completely new culinary experience, which includes unique showrooms that look behind the scenes at traditions such as Peking Duck Carving and Dim Sum.


Good food, beachfront restaurant, Dream Boats ™. Sail to reach the good restaurants facing the sea, which include retro dream boats, ancient amphibians and romantic water taxis. From fresh fish to raw food bars, steaks, meat, pasta and more. In addition, BOATHOUSE also offers a more relaxed outdoor menu with sandwiches, hamburgers and lobster rolls. Save space for Key Lime Pie in glass jars, grilled Alaska or other decadent desserts.

Photo by Rob Bartlett
Photo via The Polite Pig/Twitter

Polite pig

Bring your appetite to a modern barbecue in Florida inspired by a variety of wine offerings. Once inside the house, you can browse through interesting menus and choose from a variety of snacks, sandwiches, salads and a fresh market page, the perfect complement to the wonderful chicken, pork or fish specialties prepared by smokers. A piece of cake or cake made with local ingredients completes your delicious food.


Get on the legendary rowing boat moored at Lake Buena Vista and enjoy fresh seafood and delicious steaks that Orlando 2018 magazine readers chose the best seafood restaurant cooked with lobster guacamole right before their eyes.

Paddlefish restaurant - Orlando Vacation
photo by Faiyaz Kara
photo by themouseforless.com

Amorette’s Patisserie

Take a walk in this elegant and sophisticated patisserie and look in the specialty gallery: think of eclairs, New York-style cheesecake, cookies, gluten-free macarons and special cakes to see how chefs decorate.

The Earl Of Sandwich®

John Montagu discovered the sandwich in 1762; His descendants have perfected it! Test the typical meat sandwich on baked bread or one of the many cold or hot gourmet sandwiches. Soups, salads, wraps & desserts are also served.

Earl of Sandwich - Orlando Vacation
photo by Earl Of Sandwich
STK Orlando
photo by STK Orlando

STK Orlando

Stop by this neat hideaway for a sophisticated barbecue experience with an innovative menu, on-site DJ and beautiful outdoor terraces. A variety of snacks range from stewed ribs to smoked Maine lobster. The main stars of this menu are obviously the delicious steaks. Choose from a variety of small, medium or large pieces. Non-Puritans can create more flavor with sauces or condiments such as radishes, chimichurri, truffle butter or royal crabs. Tasty options include Yukon thick potatoes, corn pudding and French fries with Parmesan.

Maria & Enzo Restaurant

The menu offers a variety of options for families, including Arancini di Carne (rice balls), Melanzane Parmigiana (eggplant parmesan), handmade pasta, fresh fish, steaks and flavored meats and a refined Sunday brunch.

Disney World restaurant
photo by wdwnew.com
BB-Wolfs - Disney World
photo by disneytouristblog.com

B. B. Wolf's Sausage Co.

Satisfy your appetite in this gourmet stand, which serves handmade sausages with a selection of sophisticated ingredients. Combine your favorites with drinks or beer.

In conclusion, adding to all these delicious flavors, there is much to enjoy this season at the Disney Springs. You may also enjoy different apple cider that falls on Dockside Margaritas & outdoor vending machines on your Disney World vacation. And don't forget to stop by Candy Cauldron & Goofy's Candy Co. and enjoy some of the delights that fell like apples, cookies, cakes, crispy snacks and more!