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Best Money Saving Tips for Dads & Disney

Best Money Saving Tips for Dads & Disney

Hey, Dad, want to be a real hero to your kids? You can be a hero to them and to Mom as well if you plan a trip to Walt Disney World this year and use these money-saving tips. They’ll ensure that the kids have a great time while the family budget stays under control:

Let the kids earn money for their souvenirs

Kids love to help Dad, and so why not let them assist you with some extra chores as an opportunity to earn a little extra spending money for a vacation? Depending on their age and skill level, you can work your way through your “Honey Do” list more quickly with some extra little hands. Even if your children are younger, they can help you in simple ways. They’ll enjoy spending time with you just as much as they’ll love racking up that extra spending cash.

Choose the cheapest possible time to travel

Some dads have a lot of flexibility in their vacation schedules. Others are tied into certain times of the year. If you have flexibility, choose off-season times rather than taking the kids to Walt Disney World right in the middle of the summer or at another busy and expensive time, like Easter or Christmas. Late spring/early summer and late summer/early fall are both cheaper times that also have lower crowds and shorter lines.

Save on your vacation package

This one is easy because OrlandoVacation.com has Disney vacation packages with great hotel accommodations, with everything from hotel rooms to suites to condos, to even private pool homes at great rates that often include cheap or oftentimes specials with free theme park tickets. Check out the website for the latest offers. The money you have on your hotel and tickets can be used toward transportation, souvenirs, food, or whatever else you wish.

Eat on the cheap

The average family of four will spend $130 to $150 a day for food. Eating at the theme parks isn’t your only option. If you book a suite, condo, townhome, or private vacation pool home, you can have some meals there. Mom will love it if you’re the one to cook them, and the grocery stores all around Disney make it easy. For example, Publix has ready-made meals like rotisserie chicken, stuffed peppers, meatballs, and more than just need to be heated up or popped into the oven. If you prefer not to cook, there are restaurants on all the main tourist drags, like Highway 192 and State Road 535. Pick up a coupon book for extra savings on the eateries.
You’re also allowed to bring snacks into the parks, so while you are at the grocery grab some cookies, bars, fruit snacks, and other goodies. Hand them out when the kids get hungry between meals.

Plan a special family day away from the theme parks

Not only will you save money by taking a day off from the theme parks, but it’s also a great way to make family memories together. When you’re at Disney World, you make some magical memories, but everyone’s dazzled by the rides, shows, and characters. The kids will love spending the day at the hotel and getting Dad’s undivided attention while playing in the pool or taking on challenges in the arcade. You can also do cheap or free activities like seeing a movie or bowling at Downtown Disney or visiting one of the tourist strips and stopping at smaller attractions to do fun things like riding go-karts or playing miniature golf.
What about a day at the beach? No…Orlando does not have a beach but Cocoa Beach on the Atlantic Ocean is just an hour away or if you want the white sands of the Gulf…Clearwater Beach one of the top 10 beaches in America is 1 ¼ hour away.
If you are planning for a trip lasting 5 to 7 days, you might consider that one day it might rain. Don’t buy tickets for every day of your stay….this will save you money and who wants to go to the theme parks in a downpour. Plan accordingly and you will enjoy your vacation more.

Take a special souvenir trip

The kids will probably clamor for souvenirs, especially since almost every ride at Disney lets you off at a store. They’re pricey in the parks, so plan some time for a trip to one of the many Wal-Mart or Target stores in the area. They all have genuine Disney souvenirs at a fraction of the in-park cost. If you want to have more of an adventure, drive out to Theme Park Connection, which is about half an hour away and is as much a museum of Disney memorabilia as it is a store. Even though some of the items are very expensive, there’s a huge selection of cheap pins, books, figurines, toys that appeal to kids.

Shop for your attraction tickets

There are always specials to be found on the internet all you have to do is look for them. Take OrlandoVacation.com offer free promo tickets all of the time to guests staying at their partnered hotels. No, this is not part of a timeshare gimmick. They simply have the hotels buy down the tickets to make the packages more attractive. Shop their site; you will be glad you did.