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A Good Home Away From Home

The Perfect Orlando Vacation Home

Most families who start choosing a spacious and perfect Orlando vacation home over a skimpy hotel room quickly become regular visitors. And why not when you look at the advantages? Just for starters: They are getting far more space at a much lower cost.

The perfect Orlando vacation home come in all shapes and sizes. These privately owned homes and condos are fully furnished and offer unique holiday experiences.

The advantages of renting a vacation homes from a company such as Orlandovacation.com over hotels are well-known and numerous. Here are the top ten:

Orlando Vacation homes often have four times more room than a hotel, perhaps 1600 square feet instead of 400 square feet. Stretch out, folks, and make yourself at home…there’s plenty of room here for even the largest families (or two or more families in the larger homes that are also available).

Think of the many small things that quickly become bothersome at a hotel such as limited closet space and the closeness of having the entire family underfoot all the time. Those are the types of intangible things that make you quickly appreciate having the type of spaciousness you take for granted in your own home.

Each person in your party can have his or her own room. Every parent knows space is important for keeping the peace. And there are no worries about noisy neighbors…or concerns about your own noise level bothering someone else.

Multiple people or several families sharing a vacation home brings down the price per person. An Orlando vacation home is almost always dramatically less expensive plus you have all the extra space. In fact, renting a vacation home is usually no more expensive than staying at a nice hotel.

Hotels charge overhead. Their marketing costs are passed on to you, the person who stays there. Maids and valets want tips. These are services you often don’t need, but you’re paying for them, anyway.

One of the elements that make vacations expensive is eating out at every meal. All vacationers know that dining out daily is costly. And it can get boring. But vacation homes offer fully equipped kitchens with cookware and an array of appliances. Mom or dad might not want to cook every night, of course, but the kitchen’s there if you want it or if you decide it’s time to save some money by eating at home.

The kitchen’s also there for late night snacks or morning pick-ups. You don’t know how much you miss your refrigerator and microwave and stove until you stay in a hotel room without them. This is the convenience of being at home.

Amenities are as good as and more often better than you’ll find in a hotel. Swimming pools are common, as well as balconies. Other common amenities not always found in hotel rooms include VCR’s and DVDs. Some homes have game rooms and spas.

A secret to having a great vacation is a good home base. And that’s what you get when renting an Orlando vacation home.

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