When you’re traveling in a large group, one of the biggest decisions of the day is when the group determines where to eat. Let’s face it, when you’re traveling with kids, it’s hard to find a restaurant that will please the entire family. Pizzerias are ideal choices for a family or group. With different toppings to choose from, kids can get creative and customize their order to meet their specific tastes. Another benefit of pizzerias is the cost, since a few shared large pizzas can feed a whole group, your total bill will be far less than if you opt for a steakhouse. One of the best bargains for pizza is at CiCi’s pizza buffet. At CiCi’s , the family can feast on fresh pizza at an incredibly low price that’s usually around $5 per person. The buffet at CiCi’s includes a salad bar and a dessert bar, which can replace an otherwise costly trip to the local ice cream shop.
If you’re looking for a more formal setting, check out Flipper’s Pizzeria on 2934 Vineland Road, Giordinos on 12151 South Apopka Rd, Gourmetos on 12748 State Road 535,New York Pizza World on 7531 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway,  or Pepperon’ Pizzeria 8293 Champions Gate Blvd.Flippers opened its first pizzeria in Central Florida in 1987 and is known for its emphasis on fresh ingredients, clean dining areas and friendly service. Giordino’s is 1 of 55 locations in Illinois and Florida. Giordinos is known for its specialy deep dish pizza, stuffed crust pizza, pasta dishes and Italian sandwiches. New York Pizza World serves large slices of pizza, jumbo calzones and other authentic New York style Italian dishes for low prices in a casual atmosphere.
Pepperon’ Pizzeria, located just 5.5 miles south of Maingate Lane, serves fresh pizza from hand-made dough that’s prepared daily, along soups and salads, panini sandwiches.