We know all too well that planning a vacation to Orlando and Disney World can be tough even for the families which visit Orlando on a regular basis. So if you are like the millions of people who desire to visit Orlando or Disney World for the first time we want you to know that we are here to help you.

Through the popularity of Facebook we have added a widget to our contact us page and through this widget you may ask us a question, and we will be more than happy to post a quick reply. Our Ask the Expert section used to be set up where you e-mailed us a question, and we would reply back to you with our response. By adding this widget, it gives our readers the option to also read other guests questions and answers as well.

Please note, it is free to ask a question, and we are providing this service as a way to assist our readers in planning their vacation. Where we hope to gain your business, our main goal is to provide excellent customer service.

To ask a question all you have to do is visit this page…we have Orlando planning experts waiting to assist you!