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We started helping guests plan their Orlando vacation in 1993 out a of small office on Music Row in downtown Nashville, TN. Back then, we went by our legal corporate name, Affordable Travel of Orlando. Our business model then and it still is today pretty simple, we book hotel rooms and vacation homes to guests who are looking for a deal.

In as short as 18 months after helping our first guest book their vacation, we became the Holiday Inn Nikki Bird Resorts’ largest wholesaler and currently today we work with 17 different hotel properties, and we are one of the largest hotel wholesalers at each one of the these 17 hotels.

In 2001, one of the hotel general managers we work with left to become a general manager of a very large vacation home operation here in Orlando. He talked me into offering his vacation homes to our clients. I sure am glad we did as today over 65% of our sales are in our large product category, which consist of vacation homes, condos, and townhouses.

We started managing vacation homes in 2006 under Resort Home Network, and we are continuing to grow that area of our business even to this day.

What Separates Us From Our Competitors?

The simple answer is bookings! We produce more bookings than our competition. In 2017, we did not have one vacation home, condo or town house rented out less than 220 nights. In fact, most of our vacation homes were occupied between 240 and 260 nights annually.

How do we produce when other property managers can’t? Simple, if you research other management companies you will find that they all get their bookings from VRBO, HomeAway, AirBNB, etc. While these are all great websites and they get a ton of traffic, you cannot rely upon them solely for your only source of bookings. The last time I was on Homeaway, I found over 17,500 vacation homes near Disney World. This is overwhelming to the guest and the only ones who are getting year round business from these websites are the owners who are the low cost providers or the ones that have decorated their houses to the nines and still offer their homes offered at a great discount.

We are different; ever since our humble beginnings in 1993 we have run our own marketing platform. In fact, today our marketing platform is a 7-prong approach which is designed to have guests stay in our vacation homes and hotels year round. In 2017, our 7 prong marketing approach produced over $5,000,000 in vacation home rentals and over $10,000,000 in Disney World tickets sold.
If you are frustrated with the income that you are receiving from the rentals of your vacation home or how they maintain your home, then you need to call us today.


If your vacation home is not occupied at least 12 nights in any given month, we will waive that month’s management fee!

The main reason 100’s of property owners choose us as their vacation home management company is because they make more money from their home with us.
Our priority is to get your rental booked as many nights as possible while keeping your maintenance costs low.

We will meet with you to figure out the best way to prepare your home to get the optimal rental amount and to keep your home booked. We work closely with reputable, qualified vendors in the area to coordinate your rental repairs and updates if you desire them.

People often ask us if they can fill the property with renters themselves-of course you can! We have an automated system to block out the dates in which you want to rent out the property. If you would rather sit back and relax, we do all the advertising for you! We find that our marketing campaign works so well that most clients discontinue their efforts to try to fill the home with renters on their own.

We will promptly collect your rental income from you vacation rental occupants before they stay in your home. Our accounting department will pay you on a monthly basis. We find that the homeowners we work with make more money monthly after they sign-up with us.

Our team of licensed property managers in central Florida has one goal: to help you make money on your rental property. We make it easy with a full service management company that takes care of everything, from maintenance to bookings to accounting. We will always work with you however you prefer, whether you want to be more involved or want to leave it all to us.

You will feel comfortable knowing we are always there to coordinate 24-hour emergency repair services for you & your renters. You will pay minimal costs for repairs and maintenance because of our close relationship with vendors, and handymen. We arrange for any necessary services such as utilities, gardening, and pool service.

You can go online anytime and check your itemized statements showing income and expenses related to your property. Your revenue and costs will be available online for 3 years for your own accounting use. Our accounting department will provide you a year-end accounting summary of your account and 1099s.

We are the only property management company that offers to waive our management fee if your house is not occupied at least 12 nights in any given month.

Our Home Owners Testimonials

“We spend most of our time in the UK and were having a lot of propblems trying to rent out our Davenport property from afar. When the renters had problems, it was always so stressful being in different time zones, long distance calls, all of it. Now we work with you, never think about it and get a check ever month. Thanks!”

-Patricia N.

“We signed up for the guaranteed 12 days rent per month and we stay for the 20 days a month our property is generally rented. We have also noticed lower maintenance costs compared to other companies.”

-Vance S.

“Tried The Resort Home Network because my old rental company was gouging me with maintenance fees. When you explained your business model is about getting the property rented as opposed to making money off of repairs, we were happy to sign up. It’s 2 years later and I plan to stick with you.”

-Karl D.

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