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Partying In Vacation Homes & How To Stop It


Partying In Vacation Homes & How To Stop It

The Summer of 2020 was extremely challenging especially if you own a vacation home in Orlando. You probably received a letter from your HOA describing the problem of guests partying in vacation homes. It was so bad that during an Independence Day weekend, two security guards had just simply walked off the job.

Being Cooped Up for Months

Looking back, we should have seen this problem brewing. Guests had been cooped up in their homes for months and just wanted a change of scenery. Guests booked a vacation home. Since the theme parks were not open, the only thing for guests to do was enjoy the pools and party. Here is what we did to cut the partying in our houses way down:

Study All Guest Registrations

We require all guests to register at our vacation homes. We require the guests to send us a copy of their driver’s license or picture government ID. If we noticed a guest who was from the Orlando area, we called them. We simply reminded them that our houses are not party houses. If we were to find that they threw a party we would have them evicted immediately. We reassured the guests that we wanted them to have a good time, but we have a no-partying policy. Ironically, if guests had considered throwing a party, they readily admitted to it and we outlined their options.

Sign Now

We use the software Sign Now for all guests to sign and register for their vacation home. In the software, we made them aware and sign a new page about the No-Partying policy.

Contact Neighbors

If we had neighbors that lived full time near one of the vacation homes we managed, we went out of our way to introduce ourselves. We explained if there was ever an issue to please call us and we would make sure we corrected the problem.

Signage in the Houses

We put a flyer on the kitchen counter that guests would find when they first walked into the house. This flyer would list that there was: no partying, where to park if all cars could not fit in the driveway, and to let the guests know that the county has quiet hours in effect. This meant no loud noises outside after 10 pm.

No-Partying Policy

If you do not want the guests to party in your house, let them know that you have a No-Partying policy. If they do party, remind them of your zero tolerance for partying policy. Simply call the sheriff’s office and have the guests evicted from the premises. You have to be willing to work with the guests. If they are honest with you and tell you that they are planning on throwing a party in the house, simply refund their money and move on. It’s not worth the headache. We had 12 different guests who asked for a refund, a couple of guest’s cars towed by the HOA because they were parked illegally, but we had no parties. Most importantly, we did not have any damage to our owner’s vacation homes due to partying.

The Average Guests Visit The Parks

In the future, we do not see this being an issue. It has never been a problem before. The majority of the guests who stay in our vacation homes purchase theme park tickets, and head to the parks. The average person walks 10 miles a day at Disney. By the time they get back to our vacation homes they are too worn out to party. If you are looking for a management company with experience in protecting your investment and producing income, please contact us at 1-800-641-4008 ext. 7007. We would be happy to make this process off your hands and manage your home today!

Eliminate frustration and let us plan your stay in Orlando, FL.

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