The yuletide season effectively commences in November at Sea World Orlando. As the weather becomes cooler and the snow is expected, many fun-filled activities are lined up to keep you and your loved one occupied throughout your stay in Orlando. Good thing about Orlando in November is that the snow does not come down heavily until late into December, so you have a lot of time to stay outdoors and enjoy Sea World Orlando’s special events.

Sea World has a lot of great events planned for November 2010

November 13 – January 3 presents The Polar Express Experience. Packed with fun rides you will live to cherish for a long time. As visitors commence the Polar Express Experience, classic scenes from the movie on which it was based are recreated in a multi-sensory experience plunging passengers in special lighting, scent, sound and motion effects. Upon arrival at the North Pole, visitors will discover a winter wonderland surrounded by holiday cheer and amazing animal encounters.

Also in November is the Winter Wonderland on Ice at Sea World’s Bayside Stadium. It features towering water fountains, magnificent fireworks and some of the most talented skaters in the world as they dazzle and delight families from November. Clyde and Seamore’s Countdown to Christmas also starts in November and runs through January; the sea lions and walruses are sure to treat you and your family to a swell time.

At Sea World Orlando Christmas begins in November with all sorts of experiences like the Sesame Street Christmas packed with festive and exciting musical sessions. You get to see cartoon and famous TV characters like Abby Cadabby, Elmo, Big Bird, and the likes in November at Sea World Orlando.

One of the biggest attractions in November at Sea World Orlando is the Miracle show performed by Shamu. The Shamu stadium is basically transformed into an arena filled with bright glowing candle lights and Christmas carols as Shamu thrills the crowd.

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