If you’re heading to the Magic Kingdom any time soon, you’ll notice something new. Not the Fantasyland expansion (though that is certainly new), but the first signs of Disney’s newest Fastpass innovation.

Fastpass has long been used by Disney to allow guests the chance to virtually save a spot in line, and the next generation Fastpass program takes that one step further. Up until now, to get a Fastpass, you had to go to the ride you wanted, insert your park ticket and receive a paper Fastpass card.

The new generation Fastpass does away with the paper, and you don’t have to be present to secure your spot. Using RFID technology, Disney’s new system will allow you to schedule up to four rides in advance–kind of like an advanced dining reservation.Once you schedule your day, you’ll show up for your ride at the time scheduled and go right to the front of the line.

You’ll be issued a card that tracks your info, and select attractions will have an RFID reader that will admit you to the ride, or let you know when to come back. You can see a reader right now in the Magic Kingdom at the Haunted Mansion–look for the blue Mickey topped post right out front.

This new system is being tested with guests at certain  on site resorts, and is expected to eventually replace the paper Fastpass system. The new Fastpass should be ideal for those who are computer savvy, like gadgets and enjoy planning out the day in advance.

Watch this spot for more Fastpass news as it becomes available.

by Samantha McNesby for OrlandoVacation.com