Universal Orlando’s new events, the Cinematic Spectacular and the Superstar Parade debut next week, and the company has just announced some fun new dining experiences to go along with them.

 The Cinematic Spectacular will be an evening event that combines music, film and pyrotechnics to create a unique and moving film experience. The Spectacular will highlight beloved scenes and characters from Universal Studios films throughout the years.

Universal has created a special dining package that combines a fine meal with special seating for the Cinematic Spectacular – this would be a great way to end the evening at the park. With this program, you can book a meal at Lombard’s Seafood Grill and head to a special viewing area after your dinner. Since the Universal Cinematic Spectacular is a brand new program, it is likely to be crowded, making a priority seating area a nice perk.

Superstar Parade:

Universal’s newest parade debuts next week, and includes some of your favorite characters and stars. While the parade give you the opportunity to see some of your favorites in person, Universal’s new character dining experience allows you to have a personal meeting with some of the company’s most beloved stars.

Universal’s Superstar Character Breakfast is designed to give you some time with your favorite characters, with the opportunity for autographs and photos. Starting the day with a hearty breakfast will also give you plenty of energy to explore the park — but you may want to save wild rides like the Incredible Hulk coaster until later in the day!