With all the changes in Downtown Disney, soon to be called Disney Springs, fans have been wondering: what’s going to happen to Disney Quest? While it’s popular among a select group of people, this technological attraction doesn’t have the high ticket sales Disney would like to see, and the equipment has been outdated for a while. Finally, we have an answer: The NBA Experience at Walt Disney World Resort.

What we know about this new NBA experience

Full details have not yet been released, but there are a few things we do know. First of all, it’s supposed to open in spring of 2016. Disney World is notorious for taking its time in building up new attractions, so that’s a faster-than-average turnaround. Since it’s opening in the relatively near future, we should have all the specifics soon.

We do know that the NBA has said it will consist of NBA video productions, a retail store, numerous interactive experiences for fans, and a restaurant. For fans of basketball, this will be an exciting addition to the area.


Of course, not everyone is excited about the addition. Many are criticizing the move because a similar NBA restaurant, NBA City, in Universal Studios Orlando has not been particularly successful. However, we believe it’ll be a different experience entirely. All the new spots that have opened in Disney Springs, and the plans we’ve seen for what’s yet to come, are creative, detail-oriented, and full of guest engagement. We think this spot is going to be much, much more successful and exciting than NBA City.

What we don’t know about the new NBA experience

What we’d most like to see is a firm date. It makes sense that they’d work on it over the winter when crowd levels at Downtown Disney are at their lowest and that they’d open it in spring when crowd levels are still pretty low. We hope they can test it out in lower crowd levels so that by the time the masses start heading out for their 2016 summer vacations it’ll be running smoothly.


We’re also curious about what the interactive guest experiences will be. NBA video games? A full court we can play on? Virtual reality? Meet and greets with our favorite players? Of course, the restaurant is in question, too. There are numerous delicious options already in the area, from Fulton’s Crab House to Earl of Sandwich, but we could always use a new one!

Stay tuned to our blog to get the latest information as it’s unveiled. And yes, dad’s, we’ll let you know if a liquor license gets approved! This could be the perfect spot for a cold beer after a long day at the parks with the kids.