During the last two weekends in April, high school seniors will have Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom reserved for a special night to celebrate their upcoming graduation. This year’s event will feature music stars from MTV’s Best American Dance Crew, including: Paramore, Keri Hilson, All Time Low, Quest Crew, Boys like girls, Mario, Hey Monday and Beat Freaks.
Other highlight events of Grad Nite 10 include a seniors fireworks show, Tomorrow land dance party and Frontierland dance party. Tomorrow land dance party is a high-tech dance party with video walls and other visual effects to keep the party moving. Frontierland dance party features a live dj spinning the top hits.

If your school is interested in attending Disney Grad Nite 10, they must register online at Disney.youthgroups.go.com. Grad Nite is open to high school seniors, chaperones, and junior class officers who are interested in previewing grad nite for their senior class the following year. All of the parks attractions and rides are open during the special hours for Grad nite. Chaperons are given special perks, including a line-hopper pass and admission to a lounge that’s excluded for chaperons.

Grad Nite park admission covers access to Walt Disney World Resort but it doesn’t include any meals. Students must bring their own money for meals and merchandise, which is sold at regular price. Disney also enforces a strict no alcohol and no smoking policy, which applies to both students and chaperons.  Standard safety and security measures are taken at the front gate, including bag checks for illegal substances and weapons. Chaperons are assigned pages, to keep informed of any important news around the park, and chaperons are required to check in upon arrival. One complimentary chaperons ticket is provided for every 10 tickets purchased.

If your high school plans to travel a long distance for grad nite, you may want to consider overnight lodging at one of Disney’s on site resorts or Orlando-area hotels. Contact Disney for special youth group rates available during Grad Nite weekends, and make 2010 a year you’ll never forget.