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Medieval Times Dinner Show, Orlando

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament, Orlando

Hours of operation

Nightly shows, hours may vary.

Witness a Battle of Champions

Your knight is waiting for you. Beyond strength is the power of charm. “In myth and legend, the knight and the horse are forever connected. Medieval warriors appreciate things like the stalwart horse that has the brave value of its master and the silent strength of its ancestors.”

Check out this amazing dinner and show with real-life swordplay, jousting, and dancing horses. This is an authentic experience that you won’t want to miss.

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Medieval Times Dinner Show Tickets


Swords: Medieval knights use two types of swords. Espada is a short sword with one hand that is used for horse riding or in combination with shields or other weapons. The mandible is a longer and heavier two-handed sword used by knights on foot to strike strong blows.

Lance: The spear is a weapon used in battles or tournaments. A knight uses a spear to release the opponent from his horse. After the sword, the spear is the knight’s main weapon of attack.

Alabarda: This weapon is a cross between a spear and battle-axe. Warriors use it to keep enemies at a distance. Points are added to the back of the weapon so enemies can be stabbed in a backward thrust if they miss with the first swing.

Mace: A heavy weapon made of a wooden handle with a spherical-shaped head. The mace delivers a devastating blow to an opponent’s armor with a single strike.

Armor: With the most sophisticated armor and weapons of the Middle Ages, these knights must use all their training, gallant steeds, and courage to win the tournament and maintain peace in the kingdom.


Patience, Trust, and Caution. The Royal Falconer must manifest all these qualities along with true natural tones and be able to understand the spirit of wild animals such as the noble falcons. The applause of the crowd not only inspired the falconer, but also the falcon. Stop in the stables of our castle to see these majestic birds up close. The Royal Falconer proudly speaks to the queen’s guests about how the art of falconry came from the Middle Ages and played an important role in the survival of man and bird.


Witness the equine beauty and grace of our majestic horses.

Learn the Ropes: Early childhood on a ranch is an extraordinary event. Early human contact is important and young foals receive the best care of animals. Their training begins with simple steps such as carrying straps and straps. Once they understand how to work with ropes and halters, which generally require one or two years of gentle training, they are ready to train on horseback.

Art of Dressage: These horses not only learn to jump, run, and stay focused on the heat of the moment. They also dominate the dance by making elegant and fluid jumps and walking in harmony. This is called “dressing”, which originated in ancient Europe. It is sometimes called “horse ballet,” this is a style of training that shows natural athletic ability and motivation.

Retirement: As soon as the horse’s performance starts to slow down a bit, the Master of Horses decides if it’s time for the horse to say goodbye to the spotlight. The connection between the horse and rider is so powerful that it may be bittersweet for everyone. A long and happy retirement awaits the horses at Chapel Creek Ranch. With a peaceful environment, the horses live their lives under royal treatment for the rest of their lives.


A four-course menu awaits each guest and in the style of the eleventh century, you eat everything with your own hands! Dinner consists of garlic bread, tomato bisque soup, grilled chicken, sweet corn butter, potatoes with herbs, castle cakes, refreshing coffee, and two rounds of selected soft drinks.

Libations and Spirits: With your meal, you can choose between the drinks of the castle. In addition, our cocktail server takes a tour and is pleased to provide the desired spirit of the bar.

Vegetarian Cuisine: Hummus, with hot bread, carrots, and celery, a three-bean stew with fried tomato and brown rice, fresh fruit or Italian ice cream, coffee, and two rounds of drinks of your choice. Vegetarian dishes are available upon request.