When it comes to visiting Orlando, Florida, for a vacation, many people instantly think of The Universal Orlando Resort and The Walt Disney World. There is, however, another fantastic attraction that is less crowded, less pricey, and equal fun. 

Fun Spot Orlando is an exciting, exhilarating, and memorable experience with its famous Go-karts, Ferris wheel, a 250 feet SkyCoaster, and many other amazing activities. 

But that is not all; from February 5th to April 24th, 2022, Fun Spot brings a fun-filled Mardi Gras Event for all its visitors. 

Let us take a look at everything that this event has to offer!

Vivid Decor

Mardi Gras at Fun Spot is a sight to behold because of its colorful purple, green, and gold decor. These festive decorations, jazz music, and a New Orleans atmosphere is a perfect stage for a night of uncapped fun in the heart of Florida.

Bayou Bites

One thing the Mardi Gras at Fun Spot guarantees is terrific food. Bayou bites is part of the event where you’ll enjoy a range of flavors and cuisines such as Voodoo Chicken, Fat Tuesday Funnel Cake, and Cajun Fries. This part of the event is jam-packed with some of the most authentic New Orleans culinary experiences!

Liberty Swing

As part of the Mardi Gras event at Fun Spot, Liberty Swing has been added as the newest ride at the Fun Spot Orlando. It is a 90-foot tall ride with a capacity of 24 passengers. It is a perfect way to experience the bird’s eye views of the park. People can fly in the swing in two ways i.e., the traditional ride seating or the horizontal seating. 

Free Photo Op for Everyone!

The Fun Spot Mardi Gras event is the perfect place to capture memories in time with your friends and family on the Mardi Gras themed backdrops. These photo spots are free to use and are a great way to add to the fun and take some souvenirs home. 

HUGE Mardi Gras Parade

Mardi Gras is incomplete without the Mardi Gras Parade. Here at Fun Spot, a huge Mardi Gras parade takes place every Saturday. Here you’ll get to dance, sing, and catch beads with your friends and family, and everyone from adults to kids can have loads of fun!

Final Word

Now that you know WHY you should visit the Fun Spot for the Mardi Gras event, you should also learn about the HOW.

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