There is nothing better than a full Thanksgiving spread with hot buttery rolls, roasted turkey and all the fixings! At the Liberty Tree Tavern located inside the Magic Kingdom at Liberty Square every day is Thanksgiving and families can fill up at dinner time with the family style all you care to eat dinner.

Upon arriving at their table guests are immediately served warm rolls that have been brushed with butter along with a nice salad. Many guests find it hard to resist these rolls in order to save enough room for the main course.


The main course or Patriots Platter features roasted turkey breast, carved beef and sliced pork along with plenty of mashed potatoes with gravy, seasonal vegetables, gooey macaroni and cheese and of course herbed stuffing.

The main course is followed up by Johnny Appleseed’s Cake, a delicious dessert featuring white cake, filled with Apples and Craisins and topped with ice cream.

While some guests are disappointed with the lack of characters at Liberty Tree Tavern, others love the Colonial style of this restaurant. With its convenient location, the tavern does tend to fill quickly so reservations are recommended for those who would like to dine here.