Larger Homes Lacking Space

Is your 6+ bedroom vacation home not getting bookings or getting remarks that it doesn’t have enough space? We have potential owners baffled that their 3,000 square foot Orlando vacation home would get such a comment. What guests mean by not enough space is that these larger houses sometimes only have a small dining table that fits 6 or one couch and a love seat. These larger homes are meant to accommodate large families meaning they will have at least 10 or more guests staying in the home at one time. If your larger home does not accommodate the number of people you advertise, here are some tips to make your home more appealing to families.


Make sure there is enough seating outside by the pool. There is plenty of outdoor seating in your budget with waterproof coverings that will catch the guest’s eye. The kids might stay in the pool, but parents like to relax by the pool to catch some sun and enjoy a cold drink while they watch the kids play. 

Sleeping Arrangements

Ensure there is plenty of sleeping arrangements. Some of our homeowners have gone to putting two sets of bunk beds instead of two twins to offer more beds to guests. If your living room couch is due to be replaced, we recommend getting one next time that is a sleeper sofa. This is a selling feature as well to guests. 

Enough TVs

Another common complaint of larger homes is not having enough TVs in the home. It is a great selling point to make sure all bedrooms have a television. Most families want to relax in their own bedrooms at night catching up on their own taste of shows so it doesn’t bother the family.

Visual Space

Having a dark color scheme will often make a room look a lot smaller than it really is. Conversely, having a light-colored room will give the illusion that that is more space. Use your color schemes wisely to give the illusion of a wider space but also to give it an appealing theme. Adding mirrors can serve the purpose of adding aesthetically to a room, but also can also give the illusion that there is more space.

Guests In Mind

It is important to look at your vacation home in the eyes of the guests. If you had your family of twelve staying in the vacation home for a week, wouldn’t you want everyone to be able to have dinner together at one table? If you are wanting to have a family movie night, you don’t want some of your family members to sit on the floor for the two-hour-long movie uncomfortable. You don’t have to go all out and turn one of the rooms into a movie theatre, but guests are looking for space so they can do things as a family. If they didn’t, they would just get a few townhomes next to each other instead of one big home.

As you can see, we are extremely active with our marketing efforts. We would love to have the opportunity to manage and market your vacation home. Last year, we did not have one vacation home occupied less than 220 nights and our average vacation home was occupied 248 nights annually…that is over 20 nights a month! Check out more of our Orlando Vacation Property Management Tips.

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