When you visit Disney World, you’re likely focusing on the kids – and for good reason! There’s no better place to unleash your child’s imagination than Walt Disney World. However, you may miss out on some great experiences if you skip over another fact: when you look at it the right way, there’s no place more romantic than Disney World. Check out these tips to assure it’s a trip that’s as great for Mom as it is for the kids.

Take Mom out for a night on the town

You may be hyperfocused on Disney World, but there are actually many ways you can make the most of the Orlando area. Check out CityWalk, near Universal, for lights of night life options, or rent a car and go into Orlando proper to sample some local flavor. There are theaters, bowling alleys, and nightclubs throughout the city, all of which would make a great night out.


Get a babysitter for the night

Of course one of the challenges to having some mom-dad time is figuring out what to do with the kids. Many parents don’t realize that there are babysitting companies in the Orlando area that can give you the night off. These are not your typical neighborhood teenagers – they’re highly vetted, background checked, and bonded. You may pay a premium for a few hours of their time, but they’ll come right to you and give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your night out on the town.

Give her some time to herself

Sure, Mom would love some time alone with her spouse, but it’s also true that she may just want to take an afternoon off to explore on her own. Perhaps she’ll head to Main Street to have her nails done, or perhaps she’ll want to lounge by the pool with an adult drink. Whatever way she chooses to spend the time alone, it’s at least worth asking if she’d like you to take the kiddos so she can relax and rejuvenate.


Build special family memories

It’s nice to give Mom some time away from the kids, whether with you or by herself, but don’t forget that there may be family memories she wants to build, too. For example, if you’re a dad without daughters you may never consider a meal at Cinderella’s Royal Table, but remember that Mom may find this a special experience – and there’s plenty there for boys to do, too! You can plan a special tea at the Grand Floridian, take a family portrait at Mom’s favorite ride, or find another unique family activity to do just for her.

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