The Grand Floridian, Polynesian and Contemporary Resorts are some of Disney World’s finest and most popular hotels — but are they right for your family? The answer depends on your family’s preferences — what parks you like best, how much you want to spend, and how important convenience is to you.

Do you need a monorail resort? Maybe! Photo courtesy the Walt Disney Company

Where are you heading? If your favorite parks are the Magic Kingdom and Epcot, then a monorail resort is likely a good match, since all you have to do is walk to the monorial station at your hotel and climb aboard. If you spend most of your time visiting the Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios or the water parks, then the monorail won’t be as big of a draw, and you may not want to pay extra for it. Think about your likely destinations to see just how much use you’ll get from the monorail.

How is your budget? The monorail ups the price of these resorts considerably. You can find other resorts that are just as nice — like the Animal Kingdom Lodge and Wilderness Lodge — for a lower rate if you are simply looking for a great, themed place to stay within Disney World. You can find plenty of nice resorts on property and off – – so if your budget is holding you back, choose an alternative, non-monorail resort and save.

How important is convenience? If you are traveling with small kids, older adults or someone with a disability, the monorail resorts offer the most flexibility as far as convenient transportation options go. Each has a monorail, boats and buses, so you can choose the method of getting around that serves you best. Since these are very conveniently located with plenty of dining, recreation and transportation options, the monorail resorts are a big hit with travelers who want — and are willing to pay for — convenience.

While they are expensive the monorail resorts do represent some of the best accommodations you’ll find in Disney World — or anywhere in Orlando, and are worth considering for your next trip.