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Islands of Adventure Two Day Touring Plan

Universal Studios Islands of Adventure Two Day Touring Plan

It is a good idea to try and break Islands of Adventure up into two days, especially if you are going to be visiting the theme park during the high season (Christmas, Spring Break, or Summertime). Islands of Adventure is not so big that you could not see it in one day; the problem is that with so many lines you have to wait to ride the rides it takes longer than expected.

Special Tip

If you are going to Universal Studios Orlando for two days you might want to leave your Universal Studio hotel early in the morning and go directly to Islands of Adventure. Most of the rides do not start to form long lines until 11 am and these lines stay pretty steady all the way up till 7 pm. The trick many locals do is they go to Islands of Adventure for the first two hours in the morning, then they switch over to Universal Studios theme park during the daytime, and then they hop back over to Islands of Adventure in the evening.

Day One — Port of Entry, Marvel SuperHero Island, and Toon Lagoon

Port of Entry:

Begin your day with a quick breakfast at one of several counter service spots, including a branch of Cinnabon. Take a few moments to appreciate the incredible architecture here.

Marvel SuperHero Island

the attractions that this amazing land has to offer. Whether you are a Marvel comics fan or not, the rides here are nothing short of spectacular.

Begin with The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman. This “most technologically advanced theme park attraction in the world” lives up to the hype in every way. Consequently, the queue becomes packed quickly and tends to stay full all day. Ride The Incredible Hulk next, then circle the island for the rest of the rides.

Toon Lagoon

This island, based on the Sunday comics, must be seen to be believed. Everything is larger than life here, and there is water, water everywhere. The major attractions here are Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls and Popeye and Bluto’s Bilge Rat Barges. This is an excellent spot to end your first day since you will likely get soaked.

Day Two — Jurassic Park, The Lost Continent, and Seuss Landing

Jurassic World

Jurassic World’s new VelociCoaster will certainly get your blood pumping. Universal’s new roller coaster does not disappoint. Be sure to also make your way to the Jurassic Park River Adventure. The ride is extraordinarily popular and the queue becomes long quickly. You will likely get wet, possibly soaked, but you will have the rest of the day to dry out.

Plan to spend some time on this island. Some of the best attractions are half-hidden behind the lush foliage. Pteranodon Flyers is an example of a hidden attraction that is “for kids,” but adults can enjoy it as well. However, with this attraction, you will need a kid to ride.

The Lost Continent

One could easily spend hours and hours in this land, particularly if you are a fan of Lord of the Rings, Braveheart, or simply the medieval/renaissance period in history. Catch the major attractions first, then with an eye to the time, allow yourself to wander through the amazing shopping area. Do not skip over Flight of the Unicorn, a “kiddie coaster” that is great fun for adults as well. Whether you choose to dine or not, be sure to walk through Mythos. This restaurant has been consistently named Number One Theme Park Restaurant in the World and for good reason. The food, service, and theming are all incredible.

Seuss Landing

Although the attractions are top-notch, the best part of Seuss Landing is the décor. Stroll through the land and marvel at the fact that there are no straight lines or right angles anywhere. Stop to appreciate the bent trees, which were transplanted from South Florida following Hurricane Andrew. Every detail on the island was personally approved by Dr. Seuss’s widow.

With two days to experience Islands of Adventure, you will have time to slow down and enjoy the details that truly set this park apart from its competition. Islands of Adventure is a world away from other theme parks in this area. Make time for the rides and shows, which are highly advanced and quite remarkable. Also, leave time to simply wander through each land. Even if you end up not seeing every ride and show, your pace will be relaxed and your time well-spent. Remember that you can always plan another Universal Studios vacation in order to see anything that you may have missed.