In our continued effort to make our website better, we are interviewing some of the most popular mommy bloggers. Today we  interviewed Tesa Nicolanti from I really appreciate Tesa taking time out of her day to answer a few questions; in fact, the great thing about this interview is that Tesa is actually coming to Orlando in the next few months. Unfortunately, we did not earn her business this year, but I promise to stay in touch with her throughout the year and hopefully gain her business next time she visits Orlando.

1) When you were planning your Orlando vacation how did you plan your vacation? Did you read many websites, rely upon recommendations from friends, did you use a travel agent?

I did extensive research and planning online. I looked at various websites and forums to find out the best place to stay, read reviews, see photos and more. I also looked up activity and event recommendations as well as tips for traveling on a budget. I also spent a lot of time pulling together information so we could make the best decision on driving or flying. I searched various flight search engines and airline websites for the best deal. Since we saved money by staying in an vacation rental home we decided to spend a bit more and fly. It will be a real time saver and exciting for all of us.

2)      When you booked your Orlando vacation what made you decide to do business with the company you booked with?

The company I’m working with has a wonderful website with lots of photos and videos of their homes. It also has customer reviews that were very helpful. I also like that I was able to search availability and price right from the website. I didn’t get taken to another website or have to call to check rates. It was easy to use, affordable, and has such great reviews that we think we’ll be very happy with our choice.

3)      What are the most important things to mom’s when they are planning a vacation that most travel companies overlook?

In terms of staying at a vacation home, when possible to stock it with kid friendly books and games. It’s tough for traveling parents to pack everything and even though we try it just can’t be done. That’s why when I stay someplace that has games that my kids are excited about it makes the trip that much more fun. While we often spend much of our time outdoors when in Florida the books and games make those rainy days much easier to manage.

Also, kids friendly plates and glasses. My children are older now, but when they were toddlers I’d constantly worry they were going to break the dishes and glasses so we’d always have to run to the store to get plastic silverware and paper plates. If those items were already in the home it would make life that much easier.

4)      Did you make the reservation online or did you call and talk to a vacation specialist?

I made the reservations online and through email.

5)      How often do you come to Orlando? What keeps bringing you back?

We visit about once a year. Being from Cleveland we always enjoy the warm weather and sunshine. Plus the area has so much to offer. Between the beautiful vacation homes with pools, Disney World, Sea World, and more there is always something to do, to look forward to and to be excited about.