What’s more romantic than celebrating your anniversary on a romantic getaway? Surprising your spouse with the trip of a lifetime! There are many logistics to figure out when planning any trip, but a surprise can be even more challenging. Here are the best tips you’ll find on keeping your vacation a surprise.

Buy a prepaid credit card for advance purchases

If you book your flight, hotel, and other advance purchases with a joint credit card, your spouse is going to find out well before you want them to. Luckily there’s an easy way around this: buy a prepaid credit card. You can then easily make secret advance purchases. If your spouse spots the gift card purchase and asks what it’s about, you can always tell them the truth: it’s a surprise! You don’t necessarily need to make it a surprise that you’re doing something special for them – you just want them to be surprised by the trip specifically.

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Make sure your spouse can get the time off work

This one can be a little tricky, but you have a few options. You could contact your spouse’s office and ask for the time off on their behalf. Make sure you don’t just talk to the higher up, but ask your spouse’s assistant, most essential co-worker, etc. so they know that your spouse will be gone – and know that the time off is a surprise!

The other option is to tell your spouse that they need the time off and let them handle the request themselves. Which option you choose depends on two things: how surprised you want your spouse to be, i.e. if you want them to be surprised by the trip entirely or just by the destination, and how well you know their office environment and if you feel comfortable speaking directly to their boss.

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Be careful what contact information you give

As you begin booking aspects of your surprise anniversary trip, make sure you’re not using a joint phone number, email address, etc. You may also want to use the physical address of a friend or your work. Even companies who do everything paperlessly as for as your booking goes may send you pamphlets or sales material. The last thing you want is for your spouse to start wondering why you’re all of a sudden receiving tons of mailers for Orlando attractions.

Pack their suitcase for them

Unless you plan to reveal the trip at least a day in advance, you need to pack their suitcase for them. If you’re not sure what they’d bring, start paying attention a few weeks before the trip. Watch what products they use in the mornings, pay attention to which pair of shoes are their most comfortable at the moment, and make sure you pack these essentials.