orlandovacation_tsa-approved-lockOrlando is a very safe travel destination that’s easy to get around. However, anytime you’re taking a group trip it pays to follow some basic group travel safety tips. Check out our favorites that will help keep you safe on your trip to the Sunshine State.

Keep your luggage secure

All your most important items are in your luggage, and it’s incredibly important that you assure everyone keeps their luggage safe and sound. If you choose to use a padlock, make sure it’s a TSA approved device. Otherwise, airport security may just cut it off and leave your luggage unlocked.

Give an itinerary to everyone

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a travel planner is to be the only one with the itinerary. No matter how safely you may feel you’ve stored it, something could happen. You’ve spent months researching the best Orlando resorts, how to get discount tickets, and more – yet you could lose it all by misplacing your laptop or losing hard copies. Email a copy of the master itinerary to yourself so you can access it from any computer, and make sure everyone traveling has the basic itinerary.


Make sure you have everyone’s emergency numbers is a convenient spot

If you’re planning a school trip you’ll have permission slips and waivers signed that have important emergency contact information on it. However, remember that when an emergency occurs the last thing you’ll have time for is going back to your room, finding the sheets, and sifting through them to find the number you need. Instead, make sure you have a master list that can be accessed quickly and easily.

If you’re planning a family trip, don’t assume that someone else will have emergency contact info. Sure, many family members may be there, but some members of your group may have adult children that should be contacted, or have unique medical situations that an emergency doctor would want to be aware of. It’s worth having a conversation beforehand about how they want these situations dealt with and who they’d like to be contacted.

Don’t forget childproofing supplies

If one or more members of your group will be bringing a young child, don’t forget childproofing supplies! If you’re renting an Orlando vacation home you may want a collapsible baby gate, if you’re staying in a resort you may want outlet covers. Of course the best option is to discuss the needs with the parents, but don’t assume they’ll think of these things. If it’s their first trip with the little ones it may not have even occurred to them.