There are many ways that traveling to Disney World with a group is a lot easier than planning other types of trips. With so many large groups visiting every year, the powers that be at Disney have made great strides in creating a group-friendly atmosphere. Still, there are some tips that can make it even easier.

vacation-home-rentalWe recently came across an article by Lisa Fritscher in USA Today that covered what we think are 3 of the most important planning tips for groups. Whether it’s your first trip, or simply your first trip with a big group, these tips can be lifesavers. Read the entire article or stick around and read the highlights below.

#1 – Hotel Reservations – Know the Limitations

Remember that the Fire Chief makes the rules regarding how many people can stay in each room. You may think you can put 5 or 6 people in one room, but if the room isn’t zoned for that number then you may face hefty fines. You may consider renting a vacation home, which is often cheaper than renting several hotel rooms, or contact the group sales department at the hotel of your choosing.

group-dining#2 – Dining Reservations – Booking is Essential

The best restaurants can book up fast – in fact some will be booked on the first day reservations are accepted, which is 180 days in advance. This is triply true of large groups who need 10+ seats together. Try to book as far in advance as possible, or stick to less popular restaurants who can accommodate you. If you’re set on one particular option, then consider making reservations for numerous smaller parties, which will be much easier to accommodate.

# 3 – Planning Time Apart

group-at-disney-world2Spending the day at Disney World can be exhausting, and that’s even truer when you’re working to keep everyone together all day long. Instead of trying to force everyone to spend the entire time together, plan some down time. Golf-lovers have plenty of spots to take to the links and shoppers will love Downtown Disney. If there are numerous kids in the group, consider trading off babysitting duties so every couple gets a chance for a date night.

Traveling with a group can be a ton of fun – provided you do the proper planning ahead of time!

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