Having food allergies can make traveling complicated. You do want to enjoy delicious foods and relax on your vacation, yet you have to be ever diligent about taking care of your unique dietary needs. The good news is that Disney World is an exceptional place to visit no matter what your specific food allergies are. Here are some helpful facts that will make you feel more confident and comfortable about your trip.

orlandovacation_disney-food-allergiesYou can specific your needs on your reservation

If you’re making reservations at any of the many table service restaurants in Disney World, you can let them know in advance that you have allergies or other food concerns. This is a great way to let the chefs know in advance so they can be sure to have the right ingredients on hand.

Chefs will discuss your needs with you individually

At a table service restaurant, all you have to do is let your server know that you have specific needs and they’ll send the chef out to speak to you directly. They’ll take the time listen to your needs and let you know which items you can order as-is. If there are any substitutions that need to be made, they’ll personally make sure they happen.

You can have meals created just for you

Once again, at table service restaurants you can have the chef prepare something specifically for you. For example, if you’re allergic to dairy, gluten, soy, and eggs, they can take that into consideration and recommend a unique dish just for you.

You have options at counter service, too

It’s definitely easiest to deal with food allergies at table service restaurants, but there are plenty of options at counter service spots too. Each one should have an allergen guide that clearly outlines what is included in every dish. Just walk up to the register and ask to see it. It’s often the case that substitutions can’t be made, as much of the food may be per-prepared, or it may be made on the same grill that other problem foods were prepared on, but these guides will give you an idea of what’s ok to order.