Whether it’s your grandchild’s first or fiftieth flight, flying to Disney World with the grandparents is sure to be an exciting time – as long as you’re prepared. Check out these simple tips to help you make the most of your flight.

    1. orlandovacation_toddler-airplaneCarry-on vs checked bags. Spring for the extra cash and check an extra bag. Not only will you be suitcase free as you go through security and the airport, but you’ll be able to bring a stroller on the plane.
    2. Spring for the extra plane ticket. Kids younger than 2 don’t technically need their own seat, but the last thing you want is your grandchild restless on your lap for hours. Paying the extra money makes everyone more comfortable.
    3. Consider their outfits. Slip on shoes make security a breeze, and layers – even when it’s hot – allows you to keep them comfortable whether the plane is hot or cold.
    4. Prepare for ear issues. Bottles and pacifiers are great for helping with the clogged ears, as are gum and large lollipops for older children.
    5. Food is essential. Is there a better way to distract an upset kid than with food? Bring along trail mix, grapes, baby carrots, colorful crackers, and other plane-friendly foods.
    6. Don’t forget the potty. If your grandkids are potty trained, then be sure to take them to the bathroom right before you take off and right before you land.
    7. orlandovacation_airplane-movie

    8. Get creative with books. Books are a must have, but consider bringing along a photo album that lets them stay in touch with their family back home.
    9. DVDs can save you. Flying with young kids is easier than ever before, thanks to portable DVD players and headsets.
    10. Great creative! Did you know you can make a tent on a plane? Just put your tray table down and drape a blanket over it. Glow in the dark toys are great for night flights. Think about your grandkids and come up with some creative flight ideas.
    11. Surprise them. If your grandkids get really fussy, have a surprise waiting for them. It could be a new toy, a special snack, or an autograph book their favorite Disney characters can sign.
    12. One extra- If you are staying in a vacation home near Disney World. We can have your strollers delivered to you house so you do not have to bring to them Orlando

    Even the most challenging flight is well worth it when you step out of the gates and into the wonder that are the Orlando theme parks.

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